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Lync Edge Internal Certificate


I am working on a test bed for Lync Server 2013.  I am trying to get my Lync Edge up and running.  So far everything has run smoothly except the certificates.  I have requested the certificate from the internal CA in the test environment.  Used the web interface of the CA to submit the request and download the certificate file.  I can import this certificate using the deployment wizard, but when I try to assign the certificate, no certificates are listed.  I clicked the help button on this step, and this is what I'm told:

"It is possible that no certificate will be listed in the selection pane. When this occurs, the typical cause is that there are no trusted root certificate or intermediate certification authority certificates installed on the intended server to verify the certificate and therefore maintain the chain of trust created by the certificate to the certification authority. To resolve this issue, request and import a certificate chain, which typically includes the root certification authority (CA) certificate and any intermediate CA certificates and issuing CA certificates. "

I thought that I had done what the help said to do, but I still am seeing nothing listed when I go to assign the certificate.  If it helps, I have been following the instructions on this page:  I must be missing something.  I would appreciate any help you can offer.
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Thank you for your help, Jakob!  I did have the root certificate in the right place, but the internal certificate for Lync Edge was in the trusted root certificate store rather than in the personal store.  I copied that certificate to personal, and I was then able to apply it to the Internal interface for Lync.  Thank you!