Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 not recognizing disks during install.

I've been attempting to install Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Workgroup edition onto a BDR. When I get into the install where we choose disks to install to, no drives are detected  It doesn't seem to matter which drivers I try to use from SuperMicro's site.

The disks are detected with other versions of Windows Server 2012 or even Windows 7.  

SuperMicro X10-SL7-F Motherboard with an SLI 2308 SAS controller.
2 x 1TB WD HDD's configured in RAID 1.
Intel Xeon E1231V3
Matt W.Asked:
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You don't have the drivers, or the correct drivers, or the firmware on the controller is not compatible for the drivers for that O/S.

So start from the top, make sure you use drivers from the manufacturer of the controller.  Since this is embedded on the mobo, you MUST use drivers from super micro.  Read release notes and make sure firmware matches supported driver revisions for your O/S.

Just contact SM tech support directly and tell them what O/S you have and they will direct you.  WARNING - it is possible they don't have drivers for that version of windows and/or BIOS.   If you can't find them, then this is usually the case.
Matt W.Author Commented:
dlethe, Thanks for the comment.   I have used EVERY driver Supermicro has for this controller from their website.  It seems odd that I can install other Server 2012R2 installs just not this one.   Also, I get the same issue when trying to install this onto a VM in VMWare.
look at the .inf text file in the driver.  What does it say it is for?  But personally this is the time when you need to talk to a human over there.   Maybe the correct drivers are not online or mislabeled.
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Matt W.Author Commented:
Submitted a support ticket to them a few minutes ago.  I will update this thread as we move forward in the hopes it may help others.
Matt W.Author Commented:
No word from Supermicro as of yet.  I've went ahead and ordered a different board.  On the new board I specifically made sure there were drivers for Server 2012r2 x64.   I will continue to update this thread.  If I hear back from SM or not.
Did you see in the specs that that MOBO only supported Win2K12 for SAS disks??
You might want to postpone that order until you get clarification on support for your WD SATA drives.

See note B2 here ...

Frankly, this is your problem, the SATA HDDs aren't supported according to the documentation above.
Matt W.Author Commented:
I ordered a different board for this very reason.  I also was using the SAS controller on the current board.  I'd also like to point out that I can install Server 2012r2 x64 with no issues whatsoever.  It's Storage Server that's the problem.  

Of course this is my problem...
Matt W.Author Commented:
Ok, so to follow up on this.   I replaced the motherboard with another board that is on the certified list for MS Server 2012r2.   Problem still existed.  I went back and redownloaded the .img from our provider again for the 4th time.  As I was saving the file I noticed the file sizes were oddly not uniform.  Even though the previous downloads had completed and were able to be successfully burned to USB and I could boot from them....They were not complete.  After assuring I had the full 3.8GB download, the installer worked perfectly.

So in summary, if you're seeing similar issues, please double check your file sizes for your ISO downloads!

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Matt W.Author Commented:
This is the correct solution.
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