How to see DateTime Stamp on call logs before today?

This has bothered me for quite some time.  My call log shows today's calls with the time; then yesterday's calls only show "Yesterday"; earlier calls show e.g. "Mon, Jul 20"

How can I get access to the DateTime Stamp on calls made before today in call log?

Android 5.0.2 on HTC One (M7)
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Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Not using HTC these days.

But I remember that you can open the contact under "People" and it will show you all communication with that person under his contact details be it calls ,messages, facebook comments or whatever.

Did you try a simple tap & hold on the entry which you are trying to view & see if you get a submenu showing details / properties. Maybe if you get  that option, you will be able to see the time stamps.
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your post.  Seems "People" navigates to the same screens that the call log navigates to.

Tried the tap & hold, but no details/time stamps.

I'm suspecting I need to install another app to access the time stamp.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
You can also install a different Dialer app from the Play Store.

It will override the dialer that comes with HTC

are worth a look. They give a different interface to view Call History.

If you don't like it, then you can remove it. But its worth a shot if it solves your problem.
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SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I use Google Voice (which the HTC dialer is configured to use).  Any idea what will happen / what I might need to do to restore such functionality if I override the dialer as you suggest?  Or how to restore that functionality if I remove a new dialer and go back to the HTC dialer?
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
It will install as a separate app.

When you need to call, the phone will present you with an option to use the select the dialer app that you wish to use.

You can select the desired app or set it as default so that you won't be prompted every time.

You can clear the default by using Settings / App / "App name" / "Clear default" button or when you uninstall the app.

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SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ravi - I appreciate your help.  It seems yours is the best solution.  Thank--
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Just a thought.

Did you try to swipe the Call entry to either side (left / right). Maybe, it could give you the call details you are looking for,
SAbboushiAuthor Commented:
Thanks - tried that, but it doesn't give me date/time either...
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