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WSUS GPO Not Applying to Windows 7 Clients.

I can not get the windows 7 clients to apply the wsus GPO.

My Environment:
1. Windows server 2008 R2 with WSUS (Version: 3.2.7600.226) installed as a role.  I have tried to get a newer version via windows patches but none of them seem to update the version.
2. GPO created for the clients (Picture attached)
3. Clients are being reloaded with MDT and WDS to windows 7 Pro x64

     On my test group, only a few computers started checking in with the WSUS server or they report "Not Yet Reported".  These clients have other GPO's (printers,Mapped Drives, etc) assigned to them and they are applied just fine.  I can run rsop.msc on the client machine as the domain admin account and it shows that the gpo is applied at the computer level.  If I run rsop under the user account, rsop error out for the computer level changes.  I can go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate under both accounts and they show the default settings.  I can run gpupdate /force under both admin and user accounts and this will update the registry setting with my internal WSUS server info and start to show in the WSUS console.
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Could it be the client side targeting group in the GPO?
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First check what port your WSUS server is using.
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I'm not sure these are the issues if  I can do a gpupdate /force and it starts to work.
maybe i'm confused, you said when you run gpupdate it works exactly as it should?
As far as  I am aware, the Windows Firewall on the Win7 clients must be enabled for WSUS to work. Is that enabled?
Machienet, I will Check on the firewall status.  
NinjaStyle82,  it seems that if I go to each client and run gpupdate /force the setting will take in affect.  At least it has for the last 5 I have done.  The setting never gets applied by itself like GPO should.
even after a reboot the policy doesn't take effect?
No, even after a reboot the policy does not take in effect, but all other group policy's for these computers work.
The Firewall for the clients is turned on.
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The advise I received did not lead me to the fix for this issue.