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Exchange 2013

I have users complaining about email getting stuck in draft after the migration to 2013 server. I have shut down my old exchange 2007 server and the old exchange 2013 that was not configured properly and did not have adequate hardware resources.
Should I enter the DNS IP address in the internal DNS property of Exchange 2013 ECP? Would it speed up the draft delay?
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I had experiance this issue in my lab. Please make sure the Exchange 2013 transport services is up and running.
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1. Usually, when you restart Transport services on MBX servers, mail flow will start to work.

2. check to make sure correct DNS settings were used in the Exchange server under EAC=>Servers=>edit=>DNS lookups.

3. Try also to add this line:
< add key= "DnsIpv6Enabled"  value = "false” />
to the following configuration files located in the BIN folder:Edgetransport.exe.config, Msexchagnesubmission.exe.config, MSExchangedelivery.exe.config
Then restart  MSExchange Transport, Submission and Delivery services and see if the messages go out.

4. refer to this blog to troubleshooting
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This has been resolved by Microsoft and they checked the logs IIS, increased the CPU on VM and restarted transport service and recommended to keep all network interface on DNS
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