JavaScript SpellCheck - displaying popup message if there are not misspelled words

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Hi Experts,

I am testing a trial version of JavaScript SpellCheck ( and have a question.

This is live demo with source-code(

 <script type='text/javascript' src='/JavaScriptSpellCheck/include.js' ></script>

    <script type='text/javascript'>$Spelling.SpellCheckAsYouType('myTextArea')</script>


    	<textarea name="myTextArea"  id="myTextArea" cols="30" rows="4" style = 'width:500px;height:200px;margin-bottom:20px'>

    		This this is a simple exampl of Spell-checking As-You-Type using javascript spellcheck.

    		It works in almost any browser, and supports upto 24 international languages.

    		The button bellow shows an alternative way to spellcheck using javascript spellcheck - using a dialog iwndow!




    <input type="button" value="Spell Check in a Dialog" onclick="$Spelling.SpellCheckInWindow('myTextArea')" />

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If you just delete all in the text area and enter spell correct words and hit the 'Spell Check in a Dialog' button, the dialog popup will flash briefly and disappear. I am trying to figure out if there is way to popup message if there are not misspelled words.

Is there any way to detect if this $Spelling.SpellCheckInWindow('myTextArea') closes the dialog windows by itself?

Thanks in advance
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Here is a working demo (jQuery) replace the text with correct words and you will see the message
The spelling check is complete

I have found this in the documentation .
jQuery Functions


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*True if all fields are spelled correctly
False if the fields contain spelling errors.
Spell checks all field in the selection.
#mySelction can be any jQuery selection of elements

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