Is there any crystal report redesigner which can customize the report runtime or at enduser side to remove a column or change the font or size of heading ?

Is there any crystal report re-designer  which can customize the report run-time or at end user side to remove a column or change the font or size of heading ?
Anish JainAsked:
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Besides of that, you could perform (more or less) minor changes to the report at runtime.

I havn't don that myself, but besides of the data itself and the prameters the report object allows changing many report objects like static text, images, formulas, and much more at runtime.

That's not as good as a full blown report editor, but it suits many of the "regular" things to be done when parameters are not good enough ...

Since I have no experience with that beyond the fact that I've seen software doing it, I'd recommend to read the corresponding API doc or having fun fiddling around with report objects on your own ...
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
If you buy licenses of the full blown Crystal Reports engine, you can have users to edit the files.
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What are you trying to do?

Many of the formatting options can be controlled through formulas.

Are you doing this based on the data or who is running the report?
For instance you can change the font size through a formula

If Length(CurrentField) < 50 then

Anish JainAuthor Commented:
first Thanks to all....

sir, i develop the software in vb 6.0 having data in ms access and sql server 2005, 2008. We provide the reports in crystal report. But our software users/customers wants some small changes to be done himself, like suppose there is a report having product code, product name, product packing, current qty & current value in table format. And user does not want to print current value column at that time. So i want to confirm that, is there any redesigner program which makes changes runtime or at the customer site, he can do it ? Or any other third party designer whose viewer/redesigner can do it.
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
You don't want to change the formatting, you want to change the content of the report.

I see 2 options then:
-Have the user to modify the data before sending it to the report
-export to something else like Word or Excel
Obviously he can buy a copy of Crystal Reports and modify the reports.

There may be third -party tools that can do what you want.  I am unaware of any.  Even if there are, they require run-time licenses from SAP/Crystal which are almost as expensive as the full package.

There are ways with parameters and formulas to control what is printed.  YOu could use a parameter to suppress a particular field.


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Regarding your last comment, I think that if you know the possible actions, you could design some parameters into the report and allow the user to set them and re-generate the report. That way you could control almost any part of the report (suppress fields or data rows, change colors, fonts, etc. - even the number of decimal places of values ... there are numerous things that could be changed via formulas and parameters in a CR report). And as said before, much of the report could be accessed and modified at runtime by the report object.

Editing the report would only be necessary if there's no way to foresee all changes the user might think of (and for that I'd recommend a full CR license) ... on the other side, that's a chance to generate some service fees - whenever a user wants a change not already implemented, you could charge for the implementation ...
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