A few questions on GOOG stock, any opinions?

I met Eric Schmidt ( Google CEO ) when I interned at Novell in the late 1990's. Quite something. They let me and the other intern sit at the long table's far end during the exec meetings. I was 19 years old.

I've been kicking myself for not buying Google stock, ever since. I felt, how can he leave Novell, which I felt was not going much forward and do well in another company. The IPO was too high for a sophomore in college. I didn't have any clue it was a fool proof concept. - Payment per click for a massive results finder, ad publishing.

GOOG is approaching the revenue, price and volume at which it sometimes / previously crashed, I think, usually $600 + per share. I know it's been very high for a while. What price is it, though, usually immediately at for purchase instantly when it tanks, cents, dollars? Will people sell at any price?
Must I not acquire too many shares?
What are the issues, pitfalls and errors? When is the volume at a turning point?
I dabbled in stock when Cramer's Mad Money was in its heyday, and enjoyed it. I have a few stocks. A great, the best one, would be nice.

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Tom BeckCommented:
Now is not a good time to buy IMO. It shot up $150/share in the last month. That's unprecedented in the year that I've owned it. It's performance was all over the map before that. It will probably adjust downward. I should sell it! It lost $20 so far today. Of the few stocks I own, GOOG and GOOGL have done next to nothing for me compared to others. I think if you can get it for like $550/share you will be okay. Of course, never put all your eggs in one basket.

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beavoidAuthor Commented:
Yes, but the volume is so high, won't it crash again? Is 2 mil+ high?
What price does it go to when it tanks? Single digits?
The self driving car is crashing, Google+ has problems.
After it crashes, the low volume will give super earnings. The EPS right now is $21 here

What should I know about GOOGL? Just a different class of stock. Why does the shareholder voting matter?
What has the price gone to, historically, after a crash? Single digits? Cents?

Tom BeckCommented:
I've had GOOG longer than I thought (before the split) and its performance for me has been about average compared to my other holdings. After checking the history just now, the value has essentially doubled in five years. It's really been just the last year that it seems to have stagnated (except for the recent bump). I've owned it since 2010 which was still after the 2008 crash so I didn't feel the affects of that. It hit $146 for a low then. Single digits? Not since the IPO. Share holder voting means nothing to me. How can I vote for executives I'm not familiar with? I barely know my local politicians. EPS? I never look at that as an indicator when buying. Not volume either. I don't study the current activity. I take tips from what I read and watch the price and wait for a low. I'm in it for the long term, not looking for a quick return.

Google rakes in $3,225 of revenue every second, of which $658 is profit. Their revenue stream is primarily from advertising. That will only increase. They OWN online advertising and will for the foreseeable future. I would not worry about the self-driving car or Google glass or any of the other failed pet projects. That's just a very wealthy company playing with the excess money. I would be concerned however about the future of Android. It's quickly becoming the Windows of the mobile OS world in my opinion, only it's worse because Android is open source. Google is losing control of the quality of that OS. They have almost zero control of the hardware it runs on. The chances of a widespread hack of Android phones increases every day and Google will get the blame. Something like that will be far more devastating than a self-driving car winding up in a ditch. They are wisely backing away from Google+ too.
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