Windows Updates and Dell Inspiron 15 Laptops

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Two days ago a customer brought me a Inspiron 15 laptop that was in a continual state of booting in to a system repair and it could not repair it. It is a Windows 7 x64. She said it started with some Windows Updates around 7/17/2015 (just last Friday). I managed to do a system restore prior to that and it booted again but as soon as I ran Windows Updates again it was right back to booting into repair. I did NOT select any hardware updates.

Now today I am told yet another Inspiron with Windows 8 is doing the same thing. Does any one have a clue why this is happening?
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Haven't heard of anything.  What you can do is trial and error and do another system restore, install half of the updates since 7/17/15, see how it goes then keep adding updates slowly until you find the one causing the issue then hide it.

If this happens on the other laptop as well there could indeed be a problem brewing.

I have a Toshiba and haven't seen any issues.
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If you google, you will find thousands of hits with all possible OS', editions and hardware specifications that have boot problems after updates. No, it has nothing to do with Inspiron 15 (yes, we run some updated ones, too). Sometimes it's just a software that has problems with the updates and that software happens to live on both machines.
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There is nothing wrong with Windows 7 or Windows 8 updates on any of my machines (including Clients). So I do not think it is solely an update issue.

For the Dell machines, restore to allow them to run. Then update BIOS, Chipset and Video. When that is done, check Windows updates for Recommended Updates and do those first (instead of critical).

Make a restore point (assuming the machine is working) and try Windows Updates again.

Of course, ALWAYS check for viruses and malware.
noxchoIT Product Manager
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Does it go to this loop when you select Install Updates or just after you click - search Updates?
If it fails on InstallUpdates then select only one update per time and see if it goes again into loop.
I had a laptop that would not update. After a factory restore, I only allowed one update at a time and finally tracked the problem to 2 updates that for some reason gave it problems. Googling the laptop model and update numbers, I found an issue related to the video driver. I uninstalled the driver and was able to update fine after that. It was a long process but the only way I could find to save that laptop.

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