Signatures in Intermedia Hosted Exchange

We have been using CodeTwo signatures which is amazing at getting images and custom signatures. Intermedia only has the ability to globally add signatures and uses the AD information to populate. This was going great but I had a few issues. The users now want 2 separate formats which is not possible due to having a global signature. I wanted to see if it was possible to create a signature manually for each user and add it as their jpegphoto photo and use it that as the signature and how this can be done. Basically I want Intermedia to pull up "business cards" and not worry about pulling AD names/email/address etc. Using Windows 2012 AD server.
Larry KiterlingAsked:
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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi Kjan78,

If you are talking about their personal photo there are limitations in-place which will prevent you from having a full signature as an image file unless you don't mind it being the size of the photo in the user account. You could create the image and ref it externally using HTML but keep in mind that if a message is sent plain text or the recipient/email server only accepts plain text; all the HTML tags would be stripped out rendering all the CSS and imagery useless.

How big is the company? Can you have them individually put their own signatures via OWA/Outlook and then create a company disclaimer wrapper for the global footer? The company disclaimer does support HTML tags with in-line CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Exchange 2010/2013 support up to 5000 characters too. Here a list of Attribute inclusions you can use too:

User Attribute Entry in Disclaimer
Display Name %%DisplayName%%
First Name %%FirstName%%
Initials %%Initials%%
Last Name %%LastName%%
Office %%Office%%
Phone Number %%PhoneNumber%%
Other Phone Number %%OtherPhoneNumber%%
Email %%Email%%
Street %%Street%%
PO Box %%POBox%%
City %%City%%
State %%State%%
Zip Code %%ZipCode%%
Country %%Country%%
User Logon Name %%UserLogonName%%
Home Phone Number %%HomePhoneNumber%%
Other Home PhoneNumber %%OtherHomePhoneNumber%%
Pager Number %%PagerNumber%%
Mobile Number %%MobileNumber%%
Fax Number %%FaxNumber%%
Other Fax Number %%OtherFaxNumber%%
Notes %%Notes%%
Title %%Title%%
Department %%Department%%
Company %%Company%%
Manager %%Manager%%
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
codetwo has a outlook version

hosted Exchange only can use transport rules which is very limited. (which is what diverseit said)

you need to convince  the business  to choose one.

Talk to codetwo for the outlook version
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
What is the size limitation for jpegphoto?

We have CodeTwo transport rules. Would it work the same for Intermedia as 365? Intermedia plays like they don't know what CodeTwo is.
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
Would it be possible to have an embedded logo and embedded personal picture?

Looks like Exchange is quite limited when comparing abilities with codetwo.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
the idea of codetwo is to install the transport rules in Exchange server.
I don't see Intermedia will come to play (install the transport rules on their server as it will be a shared platform) -

I will recommend to use codetwo outlook version as there are quite similiar.

exchange 2010 supports 10kb and exchange 2013 supports much higher than that.

jpegphoto - no limit
thumbnailphoto - 102400
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
What are the dimensional limit for jpegphoto? Could I use a Business Card style for each user?
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
So CodeTwo should work with Intermedia? They have offered no assistance or permission to use it against them.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Codetwo for exchange will not work with intermedia (because they are hosted exchange. they won't allow you to install application on their servers)

Codetwo for outlook will work with intermedia.

48 pixels by 48 pixels, the size used for the Active Directory thumbnailPhoto attribute. If you upload a photo to Exchange 2013 Exchange will automatically create a 48 pixel by 48 pixel version of that photo and update the user's thumbnailPhoto attribute. Note, however, that the reverse is not true: if you manually update the thumbnailPhoto attribute in Active Directory the photo in the user's Exchange 2013 mailbox will not automatically be updated.

96 pixels by 96 pixels, for use in Microsoft Outlook 2013 Web App, Microsoft Outlook 2013, Skype for Business Web App, and Skype for Business.

648 pixels by 648 pixels for use in Skype for Business and Skype for Business Web App Skype for Business Web App.
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
One of our issues is Codetwo for outlook needs to work for Mobiles too. Is that possible? Codetwo works for 365. Isn't intermedia the same setup?

Also, am I able to Setup the user signature with a jpegphoto (company logo) and another jpegphoto (face picture)?
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
you can keep tackling with intermedia but it just won't work as you need codetwo to install on a phsyical server.
intermedia is a hosted environment means you don't own the service outright. just like gmail/hotmail/office365 .. can you tell them to install codetwo on their services?  they need to maintain their SLA so any 3rd party application on top of the service will kind of breach their ability to maintain the SLA.
you can talk to their technical support.
"I need to install a 3rd party application on my hosted exchange server
the 3rd party application is called Codetwo for exchange"

i can quite sure you will get the same answer that they don't support it.

so now you got 2 choice.
1. try to use the native exchange features which sad.
you don't setup user signature with 2 jpegphoto.
if you want your company logo, use a public internet (since it is public anyway so don't bother to upload to every user)
the code is something like this
<div><img alt="Fabrikam"  src=""></div>

2. this is going to be expensive one because you need to maintain your on-premise exchange server.
by doing so, you force all your emails out via your on-premise exchange.
this only help for internet outbound email and not apply to internal email.

if you want to make sure ALL emails, then you are on a wrong solution.

3. use Codetwo for outlook
again, mobile phone will not be setup as they don't have access to it.
if you want your mobilephone setup, you are on the wrong solution.

I think it is time to tell the business, because they have choose to change from on-premise to hosted exchange because of X factor, they are saving some cost but , they are losing some business functions.

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Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
There are def some major drawbacks.  Thanks for clarifying but I just had these questions left.
Just to verify:
1.CodeTwo likely works with Office365 due to 365 not having shared servers?
2.It is not possible to use a 2 jpegphoto in one signature.
3.It is not possible to use 1jpegphoto and 1thumbnailphoto in one signature?
4.Using http images will force most mail applications to download images to download the signature pictures?
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
1. code two will work office 365 or intermedia by using the outlook version. but your limitation on mobile phone still exist.

2. there is no 2jpegphoto in 1 person

3. actually, for exchange basic disclaimer, i did not see any method to attach a photo in signature

4. using http image will be the only way and as you said, it will force other mail application to do so.

in order to retain such capability externally, you can force all your email to route back to on-premise exchange. this capability will not apply internal email.
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
1. CodeTwo states they work with 365 by connecting to the server and dropping in the rules. Looks like 365 worked with CodeTwo for it to happen?

2/3. Looks like the jpegphoto is only for internal Outlook and not able to be put on signatures?

4.Looks like embedded links are the deal breaker with this client.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
1. yes, seems like you are right. though technically, i am not sure how do it achieve. if it is possible then you got a win.

Signatures for Office 365
Now you can manage all Office 365 email signatures from one place. Just compose a signature template using CodeTwo Email Signatures and deploy it using the administrator's account. Split second and your Office 365 users have a global signature even in messages sent from mobile devices, such as iPhone or iPad (via OWA for iOS) or Android (OWA for Android).

2/3/4, and if above statement is true, you don't need to worry about all of these.
Jian An LimSolutions ArchitectCommented:
okay. i re-read the statement more than 3 times.
for all other phones, you can't use activesync (which is the default tool), you need to ask them to use OWA for Android to achieve the signature functions.



you can't use the default activesync services
Larry KiterlingAuthor Commented:
Oh wow, they want you to use mobile OWA instead of native. yeah right.

Looks like intermedia shares servers as opposed to 365 allowing your own and that's why we can use Codetwo with 365. It looks like we have to go the route of Intermedia Outlook for managed signatures with different formats and picture then have to manual create the Mobile signatures.

Thanks for assisting. Digging through this signature items have been painful for me but I hope this helps out other users who are going to the 'cloud'.. which is everyone hah!
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