outlook client and Calandar / Room booking issue with exchnage 2010

we have running 2007/2010 and 2013 outlook , I have setup the exchange server meeting room and appointed owner(delegate user) for the mentioned meeting room object . unfortunately I have the following issues

W1 - owner
meeting members -  U1 /U2 / U3/U4  ............

Test1 -  u1 request the meeting putting the u2 /u3and u4 as participant . I did not include the W1 as recipient

issues1 : U2 can see the booking his calendar and the  room object  . others not possible to see the update in the room object . one user has  no access  room object - some permission is asking

issue2 : if we didn't include the w1 . owner can't get the meeting details ? and what is going on the  booking level

what is the role of the owner in the meeting booking in exchange server 2010 with outlook . do we need any special permission to view the shard room object .

what is the right way on the meeting booking in the industry norms . if I ask the owner to do this behalf of all the members . I hope this will work  . please help me to resole this issue
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Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:

You need to assigned yourself full permissions to the room mailbox, if you don't have them already. Now open the mailbox in Outlook and adjust the calendar permissions so that the default is free/busy time, subject location. This will allow everyone to see the meetings. Keep in mind though that everyone will be able to see the subject of all meetings, which might present a privacy issue.

If you set a delegate on a meeting room, that delegate will need to approve all meeting requests to the room. You can either do that or have the Booking Attendant automatically manage the bookings according to policies you set.

curAuthor Commented:
thank you for your comment . Issue id if I added other users calendar should show me to Free or busy status . Unfortunate most of the users indicating that ////////////// entire row blow to that users . that is the issue  ? do you think that some thing to do with the outlook version or service pack issue can course this issue ?

my implementation plan was totally out and looking login to work out  . Other thing is there is no way we can grant permission to   see the room object permission . I hope no one can see the room booking unless room object owner  ?

but in my system few users have the access to see the room and calendar .
curAuthor Commented:
do we need to include the room owner in the meeting booking recipients list . And also answer to my above queries to close the issue
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curAuthor Commented:
please find the attached screenshot that showing the user's calendar in ///////////// status .I am the U1 and can see the free/busy status
but other members not showing the default setting  ? do I have to share the calendar ? So in that way all the members in the team have to do that ?
curAuthor Commented:
please find the attachment
curAuthor Commented:
any expertise feedback on this really appreciate
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:
If you mouse hover over the //// what is the error message that pops up?

curAuthor Commented:
please find the attached details for version based .
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:
For the autodiscover message, you need to click Allow. For the other error, it appears that you are attempting to actually open the calendar and not viewing the free/busy. In order to view the calendar, you must be assigned permissions to do so. You need to assigned yourself full access rights to the calendar mailbox then open that mailbox in Outlook. You can then change the permission level on the calendar. Change the Default permission to the level you want all users to have.

curAuthor Commented:
please let me know the way I can change the permission level of the meeting room object in outlook . I did not find the security or permission tab .
And also why some of the users can do the meeting with the meeting room object and other not ?
curAuthor Commented:
my issue is before we doing the meeting request . that person should be able to add the shared room object in his calendar and the  room is booked or not before meeting request ?

second thing is  when I add the meeting members needs to indicate the free/busy details by default ?
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:
Do you have full permission rights on the calendar mailbox? If so, create a new mail profile in Outlook for that mailbox. When you launch Outlook, select that profile. You can then right-click the Calendar in the folder list and select Properties. Go to the Permissions tab and verify the Permissions are set the way you want.

I'm wondering if your users are booking meetings incorrectly. They should not be opening the room calendar and attempting to create a meeting directly on that calendar. The proper way would be to create a meeting in their own calendar and invite the room. They should be able to see the free/busy of the room calendar in the scheduling assistant. If you have the Booking Attendant setup correctly on the room, it will automatically manage the bookings.

curAuthor Commented:
some of the users are not possible to see the room free/busy  including the other members as well . please check the earlier attached screen shots .
In other words we don't want to set any permission in the room objects except delegation .... and other thing like auto meeting accept ?    coz I want to move on the issue to the next level which will be issue in the outlook or exchange server ?
Jamie McKillopIT ManagerCommented:
When you mouse hover over those ///// marks in free/busy, a box will pop up with an error message telling you why free/busy could not be retrieved. what is that error?

Have you logged on to the room mailbox and checked the permissions on the calendar? Default needs to be assigned free/busy rights for everyone to see the free/busy.


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curAuthor Commented:
How Can I login to the room mailbox ? I did not select the mail box and any password  ? do I have to go with the mail box
curAuthor Commented:
please check he error message in my previous comment attachment
curAuthor Commented:
there is no permission or security  to set the permission in the exchange room object . please share the screen shot
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