EncFS for Windows mounted, but showing no file or folder

I've EncFS installed on Windows 8 (dokan is installed too).  It's not totally supported, but it was working to encrypt data shared between 2 computers thru Dropbox.  I've switched to App.box.com, created a folder that i encrypt, transfered the file there.   But the other computer doesn't see it once i've mounted the drive.

EncFS doesn't say the password is incorrect.  It show the folder, but there's nothing in it even if it's fully synch.  I also see the encrypted folders name before it's mounted, and that .encfs6.xml file.

Any idea about what's happening and how to solve this?

Thanks you
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Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerAsked:
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
May want to consider Safe http://www.getsafe.org/about#howissafedifferentfromencfs too to see if such symptom arises, it is stated to be also compatible with EncFS volumes. Or encfs4win http://members.ferrara.linux.it/freddy77/encfs.html. Win8 x64 is not well supported though it wrks under Win7...

understand that EncFS has some caveat to watch out
If EncFS is unable to decrypt a file with the volume key, it is ignored. If EncFS is forced to ignore an invalid password entry, the volume key will decode differently, and hence files will be encrypted and decrypted with a different key. This will present two different encrypted volumes given different passwords.

if the password is changed, the volume key will be re-encoded with the new password. This will cause secondary filesystems to vanish, as the volume key will no longer incorrectly decode to the same key for a given secondary password. If the primary password is changed back, the secondary filesystems will become available again.
Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I've said that i was using "EncFS", but in fact it's "EncFS4win".  There's no EncFS compatible with Windows.  And the information you have read about problems with Windows 8, it's based on EncFS4win.  

I'll give a try to Safe.
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
agree no compatible one for windows and esp for the latest OS, hence it can non predictive on expected outcome.
Why another implementation of EncFS?

There are other implementations of EncFS, but all of them have serious drawbacks:

The orignal EncFS only exists on Linux
The Windows port encfs4win is marked as experimental, and the GUI could be improved. Furthermore, encfs4win uses Dokan for mounting a file system, and Dokan has not been updated in 3 years while still having multiple issues.
There are ports of EncFS to OS X (see here and here), but none of them are easy to install, and they don't have GUIs
BoxCryptor is a commercial software with a free version. The free version only supports a single volume. Volumes created by BoxCryptor classic can be read by EncFS clients, but BoxCryptor classic does not support all features of EncFS. The newer versions of BoxCryptor (non-classic) are incompatible to EncFS.
.in fact, there is another variant called EncFSMP http://encfsmp.sourceforge.net/index.html

It stated and maybe worth a try as well

EncFSMP 0.9.8 Setup for Windows

This setup contains 32 bit and 64 bit versions for the respective Windows versions. EncFSMP works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64 bit).


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Christian de BellefeuilleProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Sad news, the problem still occur too with Safe.   So it's a problem with BoxSync.  And i've just discovered that it has a limit of 250mb per file with the free version, and it's incredibly slow to sync.  So i've decided to switch to Google Drive.  Files will stay on the web, which is not a problem for this organisation.

I've tried EncFSMP.  This is definitely my best choice yet.  One thing annoying me with Safe is that it name the mount based on the folder name.  So if you name all your stuff like this:
You will end up with a bunch of "crypted" listed in Safe, without knowing which one is the right one.

EncFSMP is more like EncFS4win (it show the full path, it remember the drive letter and let you choose one also).


EncFSMP solve the problem of encfs4win & dokan under Windows 8
BoxSync replaced by GoogleDrive because it's has some sync issue and slow down your connection & PC.

Thanks a lot for your help Btan
btanExec ConsultantCommented:
thanks for sharing!
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