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James Coats
James Coats used Ask the Experts™
I can't seem to get the CSS to position my images to the center of the table data tag. Can someone take a look at this please?backyard-example1.html
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Alexandre SimõesManager / Solutions Architect

Replace all your style block with this:
table td {
    text-align: center;

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Here's a working demo
Just be aware that this will apply to all tables in the page.
Probably you want to be a bit more specific when applying styles in order to avoid modifying other other elements unintentionally.
James CoatsComputer Info. Sys. Student


Hi Alex,

I just tried the code and it does not work for me or on your link. The text is centered but the image file still goes to the right. I am really having some problems on what seems like a very easy fix.
Manager / Solutions Architect
The jsfiddle that I gave you doesn't work for you?

I just updated the example to add a border to the table cells so it's more evident that the image is centered: https://jsfiddle.net/AlexCode/pncsrrrr/embedded/result/

Can you send me a secrrenshot with what you're seeing there?
Can you also attach a couple of pictures you're using so that I can make a proper test case?
James CoatsComputer Info. Sys. Student



That worked perfectly!!


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