needing suggestions and tips for becoming a successful affiliate marketer

Hello and Good Morning Everyone

              Through past and continued research, I have learned that it is possible to earn a passive income through participating within an affiliate marketing program.   The two that seems to seems most promising are ebay and amazon, however, I am sure there are many others too which gives people the opportunity to become an affiliate marketer.  At any rates, could someone provide some suggestions and tips for getting started with this interest?  For instance, will I need to create my own website to become an affiliate for ebay and amazon or is it possible to do it without a website?  What types of items have proven to be most successful to promote using the affiliate program?  What are the requirements of becoming an affiliate marketer?  These are a few questions which come to my mind that seem most relevant to affiliate marketing.  Realizing that many people who respond to this thread will likely have or know of affiliate marketing, I am certainly open to any feedback which might not necessarily or directly tie into my example inquiries.  As such. all input is certainly welcomed.  

              In the meantime, I certainly look forward to reviewing everyone's shared thoughts to this thread.   Many thanks in advance for any attention and help given here.

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Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Just a thought,

I am be going a bit off track here. Please ignore if this does not apply to you.

The best option you get to earn passive income is by the following method.

You tie up with people who are interested to sell material & promise them visitor traffic. In lieu of that they give you a right to generate a discount coupon which works on their website. You give it to the enduser who will be visiting their site after coming from your website. A simple registration process may be required by you to reveal the coupon or you may share the coupon codes in advance.

You earn a direct income from the seller in lieu of discount coupons generated by you.

There is another approach too but it is offline & requires some field work. If you are interested, I'll put that idea forward too.

Or may I got your question wrong altogether ;(
Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
When it comes to choosing programs to affiliate yourself with, I'd suggest delving into your interests first. Are you interested in the products that are for sale on eBay and Amazon? Do you have some ideas about how you could promote their products? The commission eBay and Amazon pay out is around 4-8% per sale. However, some high ticket items (laptops, tvs, etc.) they only provide a flat payout (ie. $25 per sale).

Personally, as an affiliate, I like to find programs to promote where I have an interest in the product and I feel the payout is worthwhile for my marketing efforts. In most cases, that means I'm not promoting physical products, but instead digital goods (learning courses, online memberships, etc) with a good percentage payout (recurring preferably).

At any rates, could someone provide some suggestions and tips for getting started with this interest?

Some affiliate networks that you can join:

You'll see there are thousands of merchants you can promote as an affiliate.

is it possible to do it without a website?
Yes it is possible. You could be an affiliate whose sole method of promotion is paying for ad space on other web sites and sending visitors through your affiliate links.

For example, let's say you are an affiliate for TicketMaster. You could setup an advertising account at Reddit and post an advertisement for Dodger Tickets in /r/dodgers through your affiliate link. In this scenario you do not have a web site.

What types of items have proven to be most successful to promote using the affiliate program?
It comes down to your knowledge of the product and how it solves a problem for the target audience. If you try to promote something that you don't know anything about, you will likely fail. You need to be able to understand your target audience in order to market to them effectively. This is marketing 101.

What are the requirements of becoming an affiliate marketer?
Every affiliate program is managed by someone who likely has their own set of requirements. For example, using Ticketmaster again as an example. The affiliate program manager there may require affiliates to have a web site in order to participate in the program. Every program manager is different. If you have a web site, you are more likely to be approved by the program manager.

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GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hello and Good Evening Everyone,

            Thanks so much for the well detailed suggestions given in reply to my question.  Your shared insights will prove to be a good starting point for my ambition of monetizing my upcoming website.  

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