Windows server 2012 R2 as an NFS target for vmware 5.5

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We are currently migrating infrastructure between two datacenters. During this process we will be moving the majority of our equipment. We will be moving our shared storage but will need to have two domain controllers remain up at our old datacenter for a period of time. Since we are moving our shared storage and our VMware hosts do not have local disk I was thinking of setting up a 2012 R2 server as an NFS target to hosts these two domain controllers.

Has anyone ever used 2012 R2 as an NFS target? Is this a VMware supported configuration? This will probably only exist like this for about a week.
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Yes, we use NFS as a datastore for VMware vSphere.

You need to make sure, you enable Jumbo Frames, and have enough IOPS to support your VMs.

As for is it supported by VMware, probably not!

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