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Broken AD Integrated DNS Zone

I have an existing active directory integrated DNS zone - let's call it

I was trying to create a subdomain A record using dnscmd, and used the following commands

    dnscmd /zoneadd /DsPrimary /DP /domain
    dnscmd /recordadd webserver A

I realize now that this is incorrect syntax, however, I cannot delete this single subdomain. When I try to delete in the DNS GUI, it appears to delete, but the AD DNS servers still answer queries for the A record - even though it doesn't exist. I've tried a zone reload, server reboot, to no avail.

The only information I've seen about cleaning up bad records in an AD integrated zone is this from Microsoft:

This involves deleting the zone and adding it back in. As this zone is critical to a number of applications, and we have 7 domain controllers in 5 locations, it's a scary proposition.

Does anyone know how I can clean up the zone without deleting and recreating the entire zone?
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I have to ask, are you sure the servers are returning this info?  Perhaps your cache just hasn't cleared.  Are you using nslookup?  Make sure you've ipconfig /flushdns on your machine.

I've done the exact steps you described above, and after deleting the zone, queries for the record come back with none found.
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Have you checked all of your DNS servers - the changes should be replicating. But you may want to verify.  Run a Dcdiag and post the sanitized results
Thanks for posting back what worked for you.
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