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Motorola Cable Modem keeps getting disconnected

I have recently started having a problem with my Motorola SB6141 Cable modem. Every day or so (Time of day isn't constant) I will lose my internet connectivity. I'll go up to the modem and see that it's flashing blue on the download icon. Power is on and upload is on. At first I would unplug the modem and the router, wait a few minutes (As per Time Warner's suggestion) and plug it back in. Usually it fixed it. But it's starting to happen more and more.

Recently, however, I realized that if I simply unplug the CAT 5 plug that goes to the router,  wait a few seconds, all of the lights on the modem will re-establish (including the internet globe light.) I can then plug the router back in and everything works for another day. So it appears that the router is somehow tripping up the modem?

Additional information:

Modem: Motorola SB6141
Router: ASUS TM-AC1900 Supplied by T-Mobile * (See additional notes below)
ISP: Time Warner Ultimate class

I want to stress I had this problem before I installed the T-Mobile supplied modem, although I feel like it has gotten worse. I also don't believe it's a cabling issue as I have recently moved and the problem has followed me.
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I have had Motorola cable modems (and I have a different make now). When they fail (which is what this one has done), they need to be replaced. I don't think you can get them viably or economically repaired.
Have you tried resetting the cable modem back to factory settings? It should be in your product manual or TimeWarner has a copy at
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I'm willing to believe the modem might be bad (It's not very old - although I realize that doesn't mean anything) but I am going to try the factory settings first and see what happens. When I go into the configuration page for the modem I see mostly T3 and some T4 errors. I'm wondering if it might be losing the signal? The person who lived in my house before me had splitters upon splitters to cable their whole house. They even had a signal booster. I only use the one connection for the cable modem  - I removed the booster when I moved in. I'm going to try and remove the extra splitters and try boosting the signal to see if that works.
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My solution was the correct one but it was due to an oversight on my part.