How to stop uTorrent from automatically updating?

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I was currently using the uTorrent client. I don't like the new version of it. So I decided to go back to a older version of it.

Whenever I close out uTorrent and reopen it, it magically starts to the newest current version.

I've went into Preference and disabled Automatically install updates, but it still launches to the current version available.

How do I stop and prevent uTorrent from starting to the current version available?
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Scott CSenior Engineer
I wonder if there's something you can block in your firewall or change in your HOST file. Not sure exactly what it would be, but maybe somebody on here would.
Uninstall all traces of Utorrent. Clear any checkboxes pertaining to retaining old settings during the uninstall process.

Remove the folder related to utorrent from the location
C:\Users\username\AppData\Local  where username is your Windows account name.

You may need to uncheck "hide protected operating system files" under Control Panel / Folder Options to see this hidden folder. See image,


Disconnect the device from internet.

Install the old version again. Double check the auto update settings.

Any luck.uncheck hide operating system files

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