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Production Issue: Cannot Replicate data from SQL 2008 to SQL 2000

We are using Transactional Replication. I have data being pushed by multiple SQL 2000 Publication table into this one 2000 subscription table in SQL Server. Everything works fine. When I add the SQL 2008 Publication Table I get a lot of issues. I tried setting the synch to auto but the 2000 subscription would drop and be recreated which the other publication tables could not synch. I changed synch to replicate support only but the 2008 publication would throw out these types of errors The row was not found at the Subscriber when applying the replicated command.
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What topology? A mixed SQL Server 2000 and 2008 requires the correct topology and the correct service pack levels.

See Using Multiple Versions of SQL Server in a Replication Topology

SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 can both participate in replication topologies with SQL Server 2008. For SQL Server 2000 the minimum version is Service Pack 3 (SP3). For SQL Server 2005 the minimum version is Service Pack 2 (SP2).

When you replicate between or among different versions of SQL Server, you are usually limited to the functionality of the earliest version used. For example, if you upgrade a Distributor to an instance of SQL Server 2008, but you have a Publisher that is running an instance of SQL Server 2005 and a Subscriber that is running an instance of SQL Server 2000, you are limited to the general functionality and replication functionality of SQL Server 2000.

For all types of replication, the Distributor version must be no earlier than the Publisher version. (Frequently, the Distributor is the same instance as the Publisher.)

For transactional replication, a Subscriber to a transactional publication can be any version within two versions of the Publisher version. For example, a SQL Server 2000 Publisher can have SQL Server 2008 Subscribers, and a SQL Server 2008 Publisher can have SQL Server 2000 Subscribers.

For merge replication, a Subscriber to a merge publication can be any version no later than the Publisher version. For more information about compatibility for earlier versions, see "Compatibility Level for Merge Publications" later in this topic. For more information about replication features that are supported in the various editions of SQL Server.
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