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Good day,

My autodiscover tests are failing see below pic.

User generated image
From the remote connectivity analyzer my Autodiscover works but with some warnings as below :

User generated image
My virtual directories in exchange all point to
My Outlook anywhere is set to

What am i missing?
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That is not a failed test (it is the first link that fails but not all). Can you expand all the results and check if the final result is the xml? The error should be below.

Adding a CNAME for to point it to should do the trick.

This is happening because outlook will get by default the autodiscover.domain name/autodiscover/autodiscover.xml.

The links (the one with autodiscover and the one on http). are also hardcoded and tried if the first one fails. That is why we need to trick them to go to the ones with need.
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Thanks Basil.

Perhaps I asked the question wrong.

The 1st picture shows Autodiscover failing through Shell comand internally. I just posted the 2nd picture to show that autodiscover is working externally.

My question is about the Test-OutlookWebServices failing in shell as per picture 1.

I agree, I've focused on the external autodiscover.

Internally, can you check if the scp (Get-ClientAccessServer | fl *uri*) resolves to the IP address of a CAS/NLB?

Pasting it into a browser should ask for username/pass an a 600 error afterwards.
After more digging I came across this

RunspaceId          : b2177653-9ec3-4c02-845a-239fc96b8627
Source              : XXXXXXXXXX
ServiceEndpoint     : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Scenario            : AutoDiscoverOutlookProvider
ScenarioDescription : Autodiscover: Outlook Provider
Result              : Failure
Latency             : 49
Error               : Microsoft.Exchange.Management.Tasks.ServiceValidatorException: The Autodiscover response did not
                      return a URL for Offline Address Book. Response details:
                      <Autodiscover xmlns="">

So it seems it is not getting a URL for OAB
Yes i get the error 600 after username and password prompt.
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Thank you for working on this with me.

All is resolved.