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Analysis server failed to start

we have installed the sql server 2012 standart on windows 2012 server but while other sql services,database engine,reporting and browser are working properly,Sql server anaylsis server failed to start..when I check this service and start again,it gives the following error;

the sql server analysis services service failed to start due to the following error:the service did not start due to a logon failure

services related to sql server;

Sql server database service------------------------------------        NT Service\MSQL$pxmay
SQL server integration service---------------------------------       NT Service\MSDtsServer110
Sql server agent service -----------------------------------------       NT Service\SQLAgent$pxmay
SQL server Analysis service--------------------------------------     .\SQLServerMSASUser$MCHSWIMCADSQL1P$NXMCAD

then I change the service account from This account to Built-in Local system account so it worked.

what was the problem and what should we done about that?
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Mark Bill
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You should be using a different service account for each MS SQL service according to MS recommendations.

I personally go with just one AD service account, this looks like it was an issue with using the local service account SQL had assigned to this service by default. Domain and Password GPO's amongst many things can affect these things.
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Mark Galvin
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Yep that looks good, just make sure to test things first and make sure of the current configuration and take some notes.

Like I say MS recommend having each service have its own domain account.

Unless your running fort knox I think youll be fine with just the one service account as alot of places dont use any.

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Teoman Sahin


many thanks it says for domain user account "your SQL Server interacts with other servers, services or resources on the network (ex: Files Shares, etc.) or if your SQL Server services uses linked servers to connect to other SQL Servers on the network," but this server will not interact other servers or services so in this case,should we use still domain user account and should we use different domain user accounts for each sql service or one domain user account for all sql services? which one is the best solution?
When I say service account what I mean is we should be creating a new dedicated network account and giving it the local(on the server its used) permission the account requires to operate the service its controlling. The relevant network and sql permissions too.

Also this is not a microsoft document, please always try use technet articles.