Exchange 2010 - retention policy (Delete messages in deleted folder automatically)

I need automatically delete mail from the deleted folder. Any emails that are one month or older.
I created a retention policy for a month.

Exchange 2010 - I implemented a retention policy that would delete messages in the deleted folder after 30 days.

When I look at the folder it says that the Deleted items has a detention policy for a month. I implemented the policy on 7/23/15
There are messages in there that are over 6 months old.  It says that even those messages have a retention policy that expires on 8/23/15.

How do I force any messages that are in the deleted folder that are older than a month automatically get deleted now.
The way it is setup now it looks like they delete in a month or so. I need to delete them now.
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Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
I am basing this on trying to understand your question. Were those messages put into the folder when you implemented the policy? If so, when you implement a retention policy, it starts on the date the emails are put into the deleted items folder, not the date the email was received. It also takes effect on the folder and its contents the date you activate it. Are you trying to delete them from the deleted items folder if it has been 30 days since they were received? If so, I am not sure that is possible. We use various policies on the Inbox, Deleted, and Sent. To my knowledge, the Inbox is the only one that will delete based on the received date.
HelpMe01Author Commented:
Those messages were not put in the folder when I implemented the policy.
They have been in the deleted messages folder for over two years.
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
That is what I meant by "It also takes effect on the folder and its contents the date you activate it." above. It only applies to existing contents starting the date you apply the policy. Therefore, existing contents will expire 30 days from the day you applied the update. I am not aware of any way to force expire those contents.
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
The link below explains how the retention is determined:

This these items were already in the deleted items before you applied the policy, then the following example from the link would apply to those messages "Processes the message in the Deleted Items folder on 02/27/2013 and determines the item doesn't have a start date. It stamps the current date as the start date, and 03/27/2013 as the expiration date." That is why they currently have a data 30 days from when you implemented the policy.

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HelpMe01Author Commented:
Thanks for all of you help.
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