Exchange 2013 message trace

Need to trace emails with attachements that are not arriving at client inboxes.

What are the steps to execute this?

Environment is Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2013.

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Steve BottomsSr Network AdminCommented:
First, the usual footwork: 1) Did all recipients *not* receive the messages, or some? 2) Were the entire messages missing, or the attachments missing from the messages?  3) Did you check your mail provider logs to see if it was filtered there for any reason?  4) Do you have a third-party anti-spam/anti-virus service (ala Mimecast) to do any filtering?  5) Did you check in-house mail systems like Symantec, Sophos, Barracuda appliances, etc?  6) Did you check the Junk mail on the clients expecting the message?  7) Was the message(s) in question forwarded from another mail system (another company, Gmail, Hotmail, etc)? 8) Were the messages and/or attachments sent from internal addresses to other internal addresses?  9) Are there any mailbox rules set up that could move the message from the Inbox when received?  Lots of groundwork and you didn't mention what results you have had so far in your troubleshooting.

With Exchange 2013 you can check the message tracking logs to see any recent activities.  Check to make sure the message arrived in-house.  Here's a TechNet article on it:
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You would use message tracking for this (get-messagetrackinglog). If the message has reached the mailbox then it is likely also got the attachment as well. If there is a quota limit on the mailbox then the user will not receive the email to the inbox.

You will also need to check any other appliances that might strip off attachments like anti-spam.

Agree with message tracking.  The most used tool in Exchange for this purpose.

Track messages with delivery reports:
nurturer69Author Commented:
- The recipients are outside of our organization. The whole email is not received, and the email shows up in the SENT folder.

- No error message received.

- According to my users, their recipients have nothing in their Spam or Junk folders

- All emails have been sent from within our organization, no gmail, Hotmail, yahoo, etc.

- We use Symantec Endpoint Encryption for antivirus here. Which we have had in place for almost a year with no incidents. Unsure of what the client uses.

- Does Outlook or Exchange have a tracing method to trace an email that is sent outside of the organization?
Steve BottomsSr Network AdminCommented:
IIRC message tracking will show you brief information about the handshake between the two servers, but that's it (as it should be).  I'd suggest getting on the phone with the other end's IT/Mail Administrator and tracking it down on their end.  If you have proof that it left your premise then it's pretty much out of your hands (*ASSUMING* you checked your outbound anti-spam service logs, assuming you use one).


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