ProCurve 5406's not routing correctly

I am testing out a couple of HP ProCurve switches in my lab and have run into a routing issue that I was hoping to get help with.

In the scenario that I am testing, there will be 2 sites, one called Middle and the other called Elem. These 2 switches are attached by fiber with no router or firewall in between.

Middle 5406 is
I have the following configured
ip route ( is the router at Middle with access to the outside world)
ip route
ip routing

Elementary 5406 is
I have the following configured
ip route
ip routing

My laptop is configured as – It got DHCP from the server and is plugged into the Middle 5406.

I can ping all over the place on the Middle switch and get to the internet just fine.

When I try and ping Elem or any of the 10.2.x.x VLAN ip addresses I get a “Reply from TTL expired in transit.” message.
When I do “tracert” it goes to (vlan 80 DG) then then it loops.

The router is a Juniper SRX100 and is configured with a static route - ->

Any clue what I am missing or have I not given enough info? I have attached the configs for both switches as well.
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Not real familiar with HP switch CLI. In a LAN with VLANs configured on the switches, VLAN 1 or native VLAN, should be in the same subnet. Actually, that should be the case for any VLAN, if you desire communication on same VLAN across switches. Think VLAN = Subnet! I think that you need to move the subnet to a different VLAN on ELEM.

In the Cisco world I believe that the native VLAN (VLAN 1 by default) has to match on all switches for a trunk to form.

Check for any errors at the command line.

Hope this helps.

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MortonTAAuthor Commented:
Thanks rojiru for a push in the right direction!

Here is what I did:

On Middle 5406:
changed the 10.2.0/16 route to ip route

and added a new VLAN
vlan 255
   name "Routing Site Connections"
   tagged D8
   ip address

On Elementary 5406:
changed the default route to ip route

and added a new VLAN
vlan 255
   name "Routing Site Connections"
   tagged D8
   ip address

This fixed my issue and now both sites have access to each other and out to the internet!
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
First, without knowing which port on the middle switch is connected to which port on the elm switch, it's hard to say for sure.

But one thing that jumps out is that your VLAN's all have inconsistent IP addresses.

On Middle, VLAN1 is but on Elm it's

it's like that on all the VLANs. Same name but inconsistent IP addresses.

Because I can't tell which ports are connecting the switches, this could be okay, but since the VLANs have the exact same name, I'm thinking this is the heart of the problem.
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