MS Exchange friendly anti-malware software

Can any exchange Guru's recommend some "exchange friendly" anti-malware software please.

I need to get it installed ASAP.
Nick SmithHead of ITAsked:
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What version of Exchange?

We use 3 level protections against Malware/Virus and Spyware.  One at the Gateway (Sonicwall), Kaspersky for Exchange and on the workstations.

However, Kaspersky for Exchange tend to slow Exchange processing noticeably.
Nick SmithHead of ITAuthor Commented:
We're using exchange 2010..basically it's only required on there for a matter of weeks as we are in the process of migrating to Office 365 so I don't want to spend huge amounts on licensing that will be redundant within a month when we shut off the on-prem exchange!

We use AVG Business across out desktops, but hesitant with various levels of AV software as it tends to grab and quarantine log files!
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
There are tons of hardware or software anti-spam vendors out there. Really this comes down to cost. You always want some sort of hardware appliance on your preimeter (smart host) which acts as a first defense. You would then have some sort of Anti-virus that also does anti-spam scanning as well. You would install this software on your Exchagne servers. This would act as a second line of defense if it got past the smart host initally.

Below is a link which outlines/compares a bunch of different anti-spam vendors

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" it's only required on there for a matter of weeks as we are in the process of migrating to Office 365 so I don't want to spend huge amounts on licensing that will be redundant within a month when we shut off the on-prem exchange"

That's a tough one because licensing is normally for minimum a year.
Nick SmithHead of ITAuthor Commented:
Exactly why I need to find something relatively low cost!

I was thinking something like Malware-Bytes??
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Are you looking to protect the Exchange server itself (by that I mean the OS and file system) or the Exchange data?
If it is the host OS, I know lots of sites that don't run anything on the file system. If you don't browse from the server that will remove 99% of the risk.

Otherwise bounce through the trials as suggested above. Most companies will give you 30 day trials, so you could use one, remove it and then use another one. You can probably get through four months that way (Avoiding the garbage from Symantec, Trend and McAfee).

Nick SmithHead of ITAuthor Commented:
The OS and file system itself. Exchange data is backed up every day via NetVault.

I'll take a look at the links.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Take a look at Exchange Online Protection.

The cost is $1 per month per user.

You would have your Exchange server and protection "under one roof" which can make support calls easier.

And since you only need this in the short term, this might work best in this situation while you migrate to O365.

You could verify with a sales rep that you can get this on a month-month-basis.  And since you're using it to go to Microsoft's cloud I'm sure they would work with you.
Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Hi Nick,

I'd recommend ESET for Exchange - it's light/very low sys resources needed - you can get it through a partner on a monthly basis. Try LabTech.

EOP (Exchange Online Protection) is awesome but keep in mind you'd have to change MX records to take advantage of it. This will also protect against your IP being blacklisted. You are essentially going to get EOP once you migrate to Office 365.

If you do decide to get into EOP now, make sure your DNS is an Anycast provider (DYN, GoDaddy (Premium DNS), etc.) - that will help speed up things when you make the necessary changes to the Zones in prep for Office 365 migration. Make sure to set the MX TTLs as low as possible so that when you make the changes and final cut-over its a shorter transition period.

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Blue Street TechLast KnightCommented:
Thanks for the points - glad I could help!
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