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Dell printer only working on 3Com managed switch

I have a Dell 2150 network printer with a static IP that for some reason is only working on a 3Com Superstack II managed switch
   The Dell printer has been plugged into a 3Com managed switch that I found hidden in an overhead ceiling panel which connects via a CAT5 run to another 3Com managed switch going into Windows 2012 server standard R2.
 The 3Com switch on the printer side, needs to be replaced per my supervisor. I purchased a nonmanaged 24 port gigabit switch and put it in place. I then moved all inputs over to the new switch with each input in the same input jack as it was  in the 3Com switch.  As soon as I did that, none of the client PCs on the network could access the printer from that point on. I put the 3Com switch back in place coming off of the new 24 port gigabit switch uplink port, and the printer  was instantly available to all the client PC's again.   I removed the 3Com switch and plug the printer back into the new gigabit switch and lost the printer again.   Hoping for a fairly easy result of this experts. Thanks.
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Print out the configuration of the printer and see if there is anything there that is hard coding it to that old switch.
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I will have access to the network Monday morning and I will get answers to your responses and post them.
That's OK, pls add switch types, port numbers used for both existing and replacement switch(es). Thx.
Attached is the print out from the Dell printer.
The switches in question were creating a VLAN for the printer. Thanks.