Epson TM-T88II

tgray1996 used Ask the Experts™
Trying to find drivers that function on Windows 7.
Running Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
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I should probably add that its a parallel port printer and I'm attempting to use an apc parallel to usb cable.
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Does the system reflect the USB/parallel cable as additional parallel port?
Connect the Printer via USB to parallel cable.
If the answer to the first is no, try
Create a simple ASCII printer through a USB port.
Try and test print to it.
Change the USB port selection under the printer properties ports and repeat test.

These printers are not Pnp specifically.
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i have seen many problem with such cable adapters
better try with a pci-e adapter card


@Arnold Will give that a try in the am. Thanks
@nobus, not referring to a desktop here. We are looking to put together a small pos system for a event crew.
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without you giving info - i can only guess
so, if you want more - start giving some
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