Select into another table (Set field lenght and type)

I have the sql below. It successfully copies data from one table to another. The problem is that it will copy the exact data type and length from table A to table B. Because I will use this to move over to another database with different data lengths I get errors saying data may be truncated. I am not worried about it because sometimes the data type is only 5 characters shorter and the data is not even close to the maximum.

Is there a way I can define the data type and length of the field that should be created on the new table ?  
This is my query:

--- Export Users (contacts)---

            IndivID AS useridtracker ,
        '1' AS Firmid ,
        'contact' AS usertype ,
        IFirst AS FirstNm ,
        IMiddle AS MiddleNm ,
        ILast AS LastNM ,
        '1' AS contactstatus ,
        '1' AS FirmaddressIdcon ,
        '0' AS ordernum ,
        ITitle AS Position ,
        EmpID AS EmployerID ,
        OfficeAddress AS MailStr ,
        OfficeApt AS MailApt ,
        OfficeCity AS MailCity ,
        OfficeState AS MailState ,
        OfficeZip MailZip ,
        OfficeCountry MailCntry ,
        HomeAttn AS ResCareOf ,
        HomeAddress AS ResStr ,
        HomeApt AS ResApt ,
        HomeCity AS ResCity ,
        HomeState AS ResState ,
        HomeZip AS ResZip ,
        HomeCountry AS ResCntry ,
        ForeignAddress AS AbrdStr ,
        ForeignApt AS AbrdApt ,
        ForeignCity AS AbrdCity ,
        ForeignState AS AbrdState ,
        ForeignZip AS AbrdZip ,
        ForeignCountry AS AbrdCntry ,
        HomePhone AS EvePhone ,
        OfficePhone AS DayPhone ,
        OfficeFax AS Fax ,
        OfficeEMail AS email ,
        CellPhone AS celphone ,
        Nationality AS Nationality ,
        dob AS Dob ,
        dob AS DobD ,
        MainStaffContact AS ParalegalID ,
        Atty AS Attyid ,
        Active AS Archivedcont ,
        INotes AS Notes ,
        PublicNotes AS Notes2 ,
        BirthCountry AS POBCountry ,
        CurrentStatus AS NiStatus ,
        StatusExpires AS ExpiresOn ,
        StatusExpires AS ExpiresOnD ,
        I797Expires AS I797Date ,
        I797Expires AS I797DateD ,
        VisaExpires AS VisaExp ,
        VisaExpires AS VisaExpD ,
        VisaMax AS NIVMaxStatus ,
        EADExpires AS EadDate ,
        EADExpires AS EadDateD ,
        APExpires AS ApDate ,
        APExpires AS ApDateD ,
        EADAPExpires AS AddAPExpires ,
        PriorityDate AS AddPriorityDate ,
        PrefNbr AS Notes3 ,
        Salutation AS Title,
        '1' AS Imported
INTO BlueDotUsersMaincontacts
FROM dbo.Individual;

So for example on the fourth item:          IFirst AS FirstNm ,

I want to set FirstNm to be a varchar (30) on the target table (BlueDotUsersMaincontacts)

How can I do this ?
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
use Cast:

CAST( IFirst AS VARCHAR(30)) AS FirstNm ,

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AleksAuthor Commented:
Great !  Thank you !
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