Access 2010 Export Spec

I have a working Access 2010 database.  There is a line of code used to export data.

DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, tExport, qry.Name, tPath & "\" & tFileName & ".csv"

tExport resolves to ExportChina.  I cannot find it in the Saved Exports panel. That panel is empty.

In the MSysIMEXSpecs table there is an entry for ExportChina.  In the MsysIMEXColumns there are rows that refer to the ID for ExportCHina.

I have added 4 new fields to the table being exported.  But the export only gives me the original fields, not the new ones.  

I suppose I can edit the MsysIMEXColumns table to include the new fields but I assume there is a better way.

I have seen a suggestion to just go thru the Export Text FIle process and save it as the same name as the current one.  I do that but it does not say a current export exists. It creates one that then shows up in the Saved Exports panel but MsysIMEXColumns is not changed.
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It has been a very long time since I messed with this sort of question but I'll give it a go here. You can consider this a wild guess. I certainly would.

DoCmd.TransferText acExportDelim, Chr$(34) & tExport & Chr$(34), Chr$(34) & qry.Name & Chr$(34), tPath & "\" & tFileName & ".csv"
ExportChina is probably an export spec.  There is no interface that allows you to call it up.  To modify it, you have to manually export the file again.  When the export dialog opens, press the Advanced button.  If you click on the spec button, you should see ExportChina.  Choose it. Make the necessary changes and save it before the final step.

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That never occurred to me still it might be possible that a created Export Spec also should be delineated with quotes. Like I said it has been a very long time since I delved into solving one of these little puzzles.
IBMJunkmanAuthor Commented:
The DoCmd was working fine.  Just did not include the 4 new fields.  Tried creating a new, same named, export using the ribbon Text File Export option. It did not change the MsysIMEXColumns table.

PatHartman had the answer.  Thanks.
I'm glad you got it figured out.
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