MS Access Report - Certificate report and how to link to SSMS

Hi Experts,

I have a report in MS Access I select the textbox option in put this into the control source:

The SP is in ssms so:
In the VBA
Strsqr() -- I know this is not correct please correct

also in VBA don't I need some parameters? like pmrcat1?  so I will need help with that as well.
I know that the user is going to select category (Cat1)

The SP name\pamr is stored in a Access Table(s)

so in ssms:
From Tables involved TI.
Where TI.Cat1 = @Cat1

I think I am correct but may need more help?

Please help and thanks
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In VBA use the DoCmd.RunSQL Method.
It is explained in detail in Microsoft article at

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Amour22015Author Commented:
But doesn't that explanation mean to use the query in access?

I actually have to use the SP in SQL Server SSMS, so that is why I have the SP named in a Access table, when using strsql().  Plus I have to follow policy.

With that mentioned am I following correctly on how to create a report using SQL Server?

Thinking about it I don't have to send a parameter to the report because SP takes care of that.
Where TI.Cat1 = @Cat1

Please help and thanks
If the query doesn't need arguments, then create a pass-through query to call the sp.  Bind the report to the pass-through query. The query would look like:

EXEC spGetClientData

If you need to pass in arguments (and it sounds like you do even though you don't think so), it's a little more complex.  In the click event of the button that opens a report, I create a temp querydef which the report is bound to.  The connection string is stored in a table so it is easy to change.  The DLookup() gets it.  I also included the error trap since you will get an error if the temp qd already exists.  So the error code deletes it and then resumes.
    Set db = CurrentDb
    strConn = DLookup("SQLConnectionString", "UsysConnectionString", "LinkedID = 1")
    strSQL = "EXEC spGetClientData @ClientID = " & Forms!frmClients!txtClientID
    Set qd = db.CreateQueryDef("qdTemp")      'temp name
        qd.Connect = strConn
        qd.SQL = strSQL
        qd.ReturnsRecords = True
    DoCmd.OpenReport "rptClientServiceHistory", acViewPreview      
   Exit Sub

    Select Case Err.Number
        Case 2501
            Resume Next
        Case 3012   'qdTemp already exists
            db.QueryDefs.Delete "qdTemp"

        Case Else
            MsgBox Err.Number & "--" & Err.Description
            MsgBox "There was an error opening the Care Plan.  Please report previous msg number to Pat.", vbOKOnly
            Resume Exit_Proc
    End Select

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Amour22015Author Commented:
Ok, thanks
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