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Domain trust lost after moving virtual machine to new box

I have moved a VM from one physical box to a new one. Seemed to go fine but after a few hours I was not longer able to access any shares on the server. When I go into a second server and into active directory trusts and domains I get an error that the PDC emulator cannot be contacted.
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Does the VM on the new one, have correct network access ?
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I just moved the VM from on box to another I thought everything would be exactly the same. I can ping the box by name just can not connect to any shares other than on the local box.
The virtual hardware will always be the same possibly, but networking could be different.

I think you need to explain, how it was moved, OS, Host OS etc
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The VM is a Windows 2003 Server. I used VMware converter to move it from one box to another. The issue seems to be a trust relationship issue. When I have the vm on the new physical server I get an error  and a red X over active directory and domains and trusts. When I fire up the vm on the old box no red X and everything works.
Why are you using VMware Converter, to move a VM?

Why not just shutdown the VM, and Export it ?

VMware Converter, will convert the VM, and you will need to add all the Network Settings back, also did you Convert the VM whilst it was powered up?
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To export it would add an extra step of importing it. Using the converter allows me to just send from one VM box to another. All of the network settings transferred fine
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This is I believe the root of my problem
did you P2V (VMware Converter) a live virtual machine ? If you did replication is probably broken.

Turn off the VM, and then Convert or Move.
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No V2V and it was off when I moved it.
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I have come to the conclusion the trust relationship is a by product of the 2 DC's not able to communicate
Okay, so the VM was off when moved.

If the VM was off, and moved, and powered back on, it should be in the exact same state, when you power it back on.

can you ping both DCs

repadmin /replsum - what is the output

have you tried dcdiag ?

What is the VMware Product ?

Upload a screenshot of networking ?
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What I would recommend is that you check your DC replication. Use the following commands below...
repadmin /replsum
repadmin /showrepl
repadmin /bridgeheads
DCDiag /v
Netdom query fsmo
Netdom query dc

I would also check and make sure that your AD Sites and Service is correct as well.

Post back results.

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Easiest thing to do is just demote then promote.  Thanks contributors