Xenapp 7.6 Design

Can anyone pl give me suggestions on designing Xenapp 7.6 Farm ?

Currently I have small Presentation server 4.5 farm in one location with just one server running 3 applications with around 70 sessions.  I am building new Xenapp 7.6 site to replace this farm.  We got 2 physical locations , latency is not low currently but will be in future. I have already built 7.6 site with 2 DDC's(studio,storefront) , 2 VDA's and 2 netscalers.  Now with regards to DR, should i go with extending this Site to the other location or should i create new Site on the other location ?
How do i use DR ? Any inputs would be appreciated.
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The Citrix recommendation will be two different sites if latency between the locations is high.  The downside to this is two different databases to manage and two more controllers.  You can share StoreFront.  If latency is low you can spread a single site between the locations.
jafrullahmAuthor Commented:
Ok, we have decided to have 2 sites. How do i share Storefront ? I got 2 DDC's/SF's in each site. So altogether there will be 4 SF servers.  All 4 as 1 group ?
We will have 2 different external url's one for each site. So, 2 stores in Storefront?
Or can we have one external URL, gslb to first site and fail over only when first site goes down ?
I would do GSLB with a single URL.
jafrullahmAuthor Commented:
What about storefront? can you pl clarify my doubt about storefront. Do you have any detailed step by step document for GSLB?
Paul WagnerFriend To Robots and RocksCommented:
This is how we have our XA 7.6 infrastructure set up.

Servers Needed
The app servers are simply Server 2012 VMs that have the applications installed.

The DDC controls the deployment of the apps. (We also have XenDesktop controlled on these servers as well since the products are consolidated in the same Citrix Studio).

Storefront 2.6 is used here. We have users accessing internally via the web GUI and Receiver.

We only have one NetScaler (I wish we had two but, you know... money). External users access it via web GUI and Receiver.

I have two of everything for load balancing and redundancy (except NetScaler). Based on your sessions, there is no need to run the farm in two locations unless you are ultra concerned about downtime. We have our farm running in one physical location with backups offsite that can be spun up in about 15 minutes. As long as your ISP connection is fast (50mbps synchronous should cover your 70 sessions nicely), then your users at the other location or externally shouldn't see a performance issue (assuming the rest of the infrastructure is optimized).

carlwebster.com has a lot of amazing articles. His stuff was clutch during my XenDesktop image builds.

The setup for all of this isn't super complicated, just time consuming. Let me know if you have any more detailed questions.

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