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does SQL Server provide a cluster failover mechanism or some form of real time replication similar to oracles active data guard?

we are looking to deploy sql on physical hardware but with limitations that the storage will only be local and need some clues or guidances
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SQL server failover cluster does not work like realtime replication. This does not sync any replica of database.
Basically this is for keep sql server instance up if Windows server fail. For eg. if you have two node cluster with sql server installed and one node fail sql server services can be up on second node.

If dataabase fail, .... no use.

To make the database highly availble you have to go with....
1. SQL server Replication (TRansactional\Snapshot\merge) as per your requirement.
2. Database mirroring.
3. Always ON if SQL server 2012
4. Log shipping.

@but with limitations that the storage will only be local and need some clues or guidances.

In this case you can configure SQL server Transactional replication between two sql server instances.
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The SQL Server feature similar to Oracle Data Guard is AlwaysOn but only available on 2012 and 2014 versions.

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