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Shamsul Kamal

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How to combine MYSQL query from different table ?


I would like to request an assistant.

I have the following tables :

Table 1 name : transactions
column name : id,ownerid,date,ta,nta,st,tax,seed,debcred,tt

Table 2 name : client_invoices
column name : id,status

Current query :

$res_select = "SELECT id,ownerid,date,ta,nta,st,tax,seed,debcred,tt FROM transactions WHERE date >= $startStamp AND date <= $EndStamp and st != '' order by id";

I would like to combine a condition to the above query as follows :

WHERE transactions.seed  = WHERE client_invoices.status = 1

I have tried the following, but seems not working :

$res_select = "SELECT, transactions.ownerid,, transactions.ta, transactions.nta,,, transactions.seed, transactions.debcred,,
                  FROM transactions
                  RIGHT JOIN client_invoices
                  ON transactions.seed =
                  WHERE ( >= $startStamp AND <= $EndStamp)
                  AND transactions.seed = WHERE client_invoices.status = 1
                  AND != '' ORDER BY";

Appreciates anybody can help me with this query.

Thank you.
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Ray Paseur
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While both tables have id, those are not related
You need to provide is ownerid in the transaction I a client Id?

In your first query you are missing a comparison value you have st != <missing comparison value/variable> Followed by  order by
This will generate an error when ran.
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Shamsul Kamal


Spot On.... Thank you.
Thanks for the points and thanks for using E-E, ~Ray