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Exclude folder within appdata\roaming when using folder redirection


Is anyone aware of a way to exclude a specific application folder from being redirected when appdata\roaming is redirected to a file server. Windows 7 desktops with server 2008 r2.

At present the whole of appdata\roaming is redirected via GPO. We have one application that is not happy and would like to direct it to localappdata instead.
Looking at Symbolic links but wondering if anyone has had to deal with this previously or has any ideas. Other than speaking to the application developers :-)

Thanks in advance.
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Are you using roaming profiles or you doing a straight up redirection of the AppData folder?

This article by Helge Klein goes into some of the limitations of folder redirection & roaming profiles.

He said specifically:
There is no way to have a subfolder of a redirected folder remain on the local disk.

So, there appears to be no way to NOT redirect that app's data along with the AppData folder.
You'd probably have to have a chat with the developers to see if they can work with the redirected folder. Or, maybe they can force the app to use another local folder instead.

But, if this is just part of the roaming profile, then you can use GPO to exclude specific folders from the roaming profile:
User Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon/Logoff\Exclude directories in roaming profile
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Hi Alicia

Thanks for the comment. We are using roaming profiles with folder redirection so unfortunately that policy setting within the roaming profile would not apply.
I have reached out to the developers but not expecting a quick turnaround.

Was hoping someone may have come across this before and had a trick up there sleeve....
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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

The question has either no comments or not enough useful information to be called an "answer".
Was already aware of the suggested solution. Unfortunately does not help my setup but may help others