Crystal Report split in several pdf files based on group - page brake

Hi I need to split a Crystal report  ver. crystal report 2011  in several PDF files based on Group – page brake.
Grouping is based on Client ID,  and one Client records could be on  several pages. I need  to export this report to pdf format so each client gets his separate file .
I assume that this is not possible to be done in crystal report (not server version), Is it possible to do it through VBA – ms -access .
 I can not afford to buy some expensive third party tool.
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Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
This is called report bursting.  Some of the 3rd-party Crystal Reports Desktop Schedulers listed at provide that functionality.

You mentioned "expensive" 3rd-party tools.  Some of the tools that provide bursting functionality cost ~$300.
Agree.  It takes an application of some type to do what you want.

If you are good at programming you could also write it out.

The basic method you could use would be

Query to get the list of client ids or set the list yourself
Loop through the list
   Run the report using each element in turn to filter the records
     (you may have to modify the report to add a filter on the client id)
   Export the report to a properly named PDF

TarasAuthor Commented:
I would appreciate  one example in VBA??
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What version of Crystal are you using?

Are you running the reports through VBA now?
If so what code are you using?

TarasAuthor Commented:
I am using CR 2011 and 2008 both of them.

I am not running report through VBA now.
It is stand-alone report created in CR 2011. I have good understanding of VBA I was thinking of creating simple access form with several boxes : one of them to select Crystal Report with path to it.
 Second to select   Grouping (G1 or G2 for braking reports in files it could be check boxes) and third boxes to select destination folder and command button “Export To Pdf”
If bursting was easy you were going to find tons of examples online (as you found how to run crystal reports). Also, all of the tools in the list provided by IdoMillet above, were going to support it. This obviously is not the case. It is up to you , which way you will go , but I cannot see any point to write something like this by yourself.
CR2008 and CR2011 are strictly .Net programming.  I don't believe they can be called from VBA.  I know there is no support for VB6.

TarasAuthor Commented:
I have visual studio 2010.
I can try to play with Net code.
If you do not have example of  VB code, could help.
TarasAuthor Commented:
vasto, thanks for support and encouragement!:-)
Taras, I do not want to offend you . I developed one of the tools in the list above. Ido developed another one. We both know very well how the process works. I don't know about Ido , but I cannot share any code because it is a property of the company where I was working. If there are some independent developers, they might share some code, but  I do not believe this will happen. As I said I would not write the code again. The price of one of these tools ($300) is about the cost of  2-3 hours developers' work. There is no way to write and test anything valuable for 2-3 hours, so I will just find a budget and buy an existing tool.
TarasAuthor Commented:
I understand your point and I agree that those tools are result of hard work, lot of hours spent on it and very good skills employed by developers.
 I know how much those tools cost and that nothing is free today.
Nobody serious is coming here and expecting to get complete code for free for a tool that is sold for $300 on market.
However I do not need all features and all options that those tools provide for different situations and scenarios.
I was asking for an example of code part which could split an existing Crystal Report in several pdf files by group and nothing else.

How we will go in learning and developing ourselves if all line of written code are locked and not available for us that want to learn new staff.
What is the purpose of this site? To buy or to learn?

There is not line of code today that exists that was not used for something else or not part of some application or tools or that is not proprietary module owned by somebody.
I am not offended.
You have right on your own opinion and attitude. If I am skillful as you and If I have same knowledge as you have, probably I would be reacting like you.

So now I do not know is it better or worse for me to be as I am?
Good luck with your tool.
Take a look at the code provided by eric moreau in his blog.  He shows how to call a report while passing the data from a recordset in a .Net application.  It includes code for exporting.

You should be able to adapt that code by putting a loop around it and walking through a list of municipalities to generate the pdfs.


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I am not trying to convince you to purchase anything, I didn't even mention product name (until now). The product, I was working on, has a free community edition , which supports bursting. So if the budget is the problem and you do not need technical support you can get it from here:
TarasAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot
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