FileInfo.Length seems to be not working as advertised

I have a C# program where I am writing out data to a tab delimited file and I want the program to ascertain when the file size reaches 5MB and save it and start a new one.

In my code I have this:

                           FileInfo f = new FileInfo(opFolder + "\\" + opFile);
                            if (f != null)
                                //If length of file is greater than 5MB write it out and create a new version.
                                if(f.Length > 5242880)
                                     //File save and start a new one here ...

For some unknown reason my file seems to keep on growing to around 50MB before a new one is started.  Is this an error in the .Length property or am I missing something important!?

In the MSDN documentation it says the .Length property returns the file size in bytes??

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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
Is this all your code?

Are you doing something with the file between the moment you instantiate the object and measure its length. Is many situations, the value of the Length is cached and is not updated if the file changes size while the object lives. You might try to call the Refresh method on the object before testing it's Length.

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SivAuthor Commented:

This is all the code, obviously I have removed the stuff between the braces that saves the file and then closes it and then starts a new one.

I will try that as it had not occurred that the file info might be cached.

One other possibility now that I am scrutinising the code a lot more is that I may be that I have placed the test for size at a point in the code where it is only reached after a number of loops around so that the size can have got a lot larger than 50MB before I test it!

SivAuthor Commented:
The caching was the issue. Sorry for late reply as I have been mega busy with the build up to and then deployment of Windows 10 so not had a moment to call back here.

Thanks for your help!

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