Cisco 2921 Performance issues configuration questions

Hello EE,

I have a Cisco 2921 and we are typically running at about 20% utilization on the network, but at peaks we are coming to a halt where pings go from 50ms to 200-300ms and when this happens we have all kinds of drops.  I want to confirm my configuration if anyone could shed some light.  We have What's up gold monitoring Netflow, we have a 3MB purchased bandwidth delivered on 10MB pipe.
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Okay... If you post the config, we can look at it.

But you say that ping response time goes up.  From where to where?  If you're pinging a destination on the internet and you've only got a 3MB (is that 3 megaBITS or BYTES) link, that's probably where the bottleneck is. It usually doesn't take much to saturate a 3mbp/s (3 million bits per second) link.
operationsITAuthor Commented:
Hello 3mbps sorry.
I'll look at the config, but my guess is your problem is the 3mbps link.  At 3mbps the best throughput you can get in bytes is roughly 300KB, which means it will take just over 3 seconds to transfer a 1MB file.

How many users do you have sharing this Internet connection?
What do they typically use the Internet for?
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operationsITAuthor Commented:
Email and surfing
Looking at your configuration I don't see any issues.

Since you have 3Mbps on a 10 Mbps pipe, that means when you start to exceed your 3 Mbps your start dropping packets or start holding/queuing packets up.  If they are holding/queuing packets, if the queue get big enough, then packets will start to drop.  

A 3 Mbps link for 15-20 people is not that much bandwidth.  This means on avg. you have you have between 15-20 KB per user if all users are doing something.

If we go along the lines that only 20% of your users are doing anything at any point in time (the old 80/20 rule) then you have about 75KB per user on avg, which is still low.

Just for comparisons, I have 3 Mpbs ADSL link at my house for 5 people and we experience slowdowns when only 2-3 of us are on.

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operationsITAuthor Commented:
Great thanks for breaking it down for me
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