Exchange 2013 RBAC Errors EventID 17 and 23

Does anyone have any suggests?  CU7  Thinking about updating to CU9

Receiving EVENT ID 17, 23 and 258 over and over in Event Viewer.

Event ID 17
(Process w3wp.exe, PID 12164) "RBAC authorization returns Access Denied for user Reason: No role assignments associated with the specified user were found on Domain Controller SERVERNAME.OURDOMAIN.COM"

Event ID 23,
(Process w3wp.exe, PID 12164) "Exchange AuthZPlugin Fails to finish method GetApplicationPrivateData due to application exception Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.CmdletAccessDeniedException: The user "OURDOMAIN/Computers/SERVERNAME" isn't assigned to any management roles.
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.ExchangeRunspaceConfiguration.LoadRoleCmdletInfo(ADRawEntry user, ADRawEntry userToVerifyInScope, IConfigurationSession session, String organizationName, IList`1 roleTypeFilter, List`1 sortedRoleEntryFilter, List`1 implicitRoleIds, RoleFilteringMode roleFilteringMode, SerializedAccessToken securityAccessToken, Dictionary`2& userAllScopes, List`1& userAllRoleEntries, Dictionary`2& userAllRoleTypes, ReadOnlyCollection`1& userAllRoleAssignments)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.ExchangeRunspaceConfiguration.LoadRoleCmdletInfo(String organizationName, IList`1 roleTypeFilter, List`1 sortedRoleEntryFilter, IList`1 logonUserRequiredRoleTypes, List`1 implicitRoleIds)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.ExchangeRunspaceConfiguration..ctor(IIdentity logonIdentity, IIdentity impersonatedIdentity, ExchangeRunspaceConfigurationSettings settings, IList`1 roleTypeFilter, List`1 sortedRoleEntryFilter, IList`1 logonUserRequiredRoleTypes, Boolean callerCheckedAccess, Boolean isPowerShellWebService, Boolean noCmdletAllowed, SnapinSet snapinSet)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.ExchangeExpiringRunspaceConfiguration..ctor(IIdentity identity, ExchangeRunspaceConfigurationSettings settings, Boolean isPowerShellWebService)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.ExchangeAuthorizationPlugin.GetInitialSessionStateCore(PSSenderInfo senderInfo)
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.ExchangeAuthorizationPlugin.<>c__DisplayClass4.<GetApplicationPrivateData>b__3()
   at Microsoft.Exchange.Configuration.Authorization.AuthZLogHelper.HandleExceptionAndRetry[T](String methodName, Func`1 func, Boolean throwException, T defaultReturnValue)."

Samuel L.
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Minecraft_ EndermanCommented:
Try the following method:
1. Create the Key "PowerShellEngine" under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PowerShell\1.

2. Create all the following 6 Strings under "PowerShellEngine" and copy the values from Windows Server 2008: ApplicationBase, ConsoleHostAssemblyName, ConsoleHostModuleName, PowerShellVersion, PSCompatibleVersion and RuntimeVersion.

3. Restart the server after creating the Key and Strings.

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zookeepa1Author Commented:
This was not a fix.  But no others attempted to assist.  Thanks Kiss Sky for providing some suggestions.
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