Adobe Acrobat X Pro Error

I have Adobe Acrobat X Pro on W7x64. I plan to upgrade to W10Pro. Everything was working swimmingly until about eight months ago, when all of a sudden (in the middle of a trip), Acrobat began doing only one PDF per boot. When I tried to make a second PDF, I would get an error, "Adobe PDF creation cannot continue because Acrobat is not activated. Click Retry after activating Acrobat to continue printing. Click cancel to quit PDF creation." It does not matter what I am making a PDF of (Word, PowerPoint, etc.).

At first I would reload Acrobat, but after a couple of months I figured out that I could reboot, and make another PDF. But it gets old. I don't really want to pay for Creative Cloud so long as Acrobat still works (as I don't make that many PDF files).

Is there some way to make Acrobat realize it is already activated? Thanks.
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Two thoughts:

(1) This is a known problem in earlier releases of Acrobat X Pro, so you may want to try the latest release. The Adobe download page is here:

The specific download link for Acrobat X Pro is:

You'll need your serial number to install it.

(2) I've seen this happen when the same serial number is active on another computer. Are you sure that your serial number is not in use elsewhere?

Regards, Joe
normanwillisAuthor Commented:
Joe, thanks for your response. I don't mean to kvetch, but you found a sore spot.

I bought Adobe Creative Suite MC6 Volume Licensing, with maintenance, through a reseller. (I paid extra for volume licensing, and extra for maintenance.) Since it was volume licensing, I gave the download link to other colleagues in our organization. Adobe then cancelled the maintenance releases, and shifted to Creative Cloud. (I was never compensated for the maintenance.)

My laptop is about to get formatted with Windows 10. I also have it on a video editing workstation. (I may also migrate to different hardware.) I want to load MC6 on the new hardware. I use Acrobat weekly, but don't use the rest of the suite often enough to pay for Creative Cloud. I need to be able to use Acrobat without rebooting. Is there a course of action you can recommend? Thanks!
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I don't know what you mean by MC6 (perhaps you mean CS6), but in any case, it sounds as if you got on the wrong side of Adobe licensing — and don't deserve to be! My advice is to call Adobe and explain the situation. I know this may sound strange, but many users I've worked with have had good results when contacting Adobe about activation issues (same for Microsoft) — when they have a legitimate license, of course. My/their experience is that Adobe (Microsoft, too) is trying to stop piracy, not penalize legitimate license holders who mistakenly get caught in the cross-hairs of the various activation schemes.

One other idea. I haven't seen this with Acrobat, but I've seen it with Office, so maybe the issue is the same. There are times when Office is unable to save the fact that it is activated. It's probably a permissions issue — unable to write where it needs to. What has worked in many cases is to run an Office module elevated, that is, right-click on an executable (such as excel.exe or winword.exe) and select Run as administrator. It's a worth a try on your Acrobat executable (Acrobat.exe). Do the activation one time in an elevated run and maybe it will stick. Regards, Joe

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