VMware host keeps disconnecting...

The Problem

VMware host keeps disconnecting from vCenter which resides on the same physical machine.


Connection to the host from vCenter seems to work, but it disconnects within minutes. For example, I reconnected the host and quickly tried to update the automatic boot order details for the host and got the error:
The data service timed out because a back-end task took more than 120 seconds. See the vsphere-client-virgo.log for more details.

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I *think* the firewall is not the issue
I recently upgraded to VMware ESXi 6.0
I'm using VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA) 6.0b
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How many hosts do you have?  Is the management network on its own vlan?
matt1237Author Commented:
It's a very simple setup. Two hosts. No VLANs.

Host 1: On my LAN, has vCenter VM, and is ironically the one ESXi 6 host that keeps disconnecting from vCenter.
Host 2: In a datacenter offsite and out of our LAN. Not having trouble with this one.
We had a similar issue on vSphere 5 caused by an incompatibility with the Brocade drivers being out of date and not at a level supported by VMware.   This was causing long rescan times and disconnects.

Check your server BIOS levels, HBA firmware and driver levels to ensure they are compatible with ESXi6

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matt1237Author Commented:
I suppose that could be an issue since the host that's causing issues suddenly is a home built server.
matt1237Author Commented:
Based on getzjd's suggestion, I upgraded to from ESXi 6.0.0 to ESXi 6.0.0b in hopes that might solve the issue. I also moved the SSD datastore that had ESXi installed on it from from a SATA port to a SAS port that was on the motherboard in hopes that the different BIOS for that controller was more up to date. So far it has not disconnected so I'm not positive if it was the move to SAS or the ESXi upgrade that did it. Nevertheless, thank you!
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