Filemaker Server 14 Licensing : Concurrent connections at upgrade

Hi there,

If I get Filemaker Server 14, with concurrent connection licenses, what will happen with my purchased concurrent licenses when I purchase Filemaker Server 15?

Will I have to purchase the concurrent licenses all over again or I just pay for the server software upgrade?

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Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
FileMaker Server comes with one year of "FileMaker Maintenance". That means that if the next version comes up in the 12 months after you purchase, you automatically get a free upgrade, and the Concurrent Connections are included in that. If the 12 months goes by, you have the option to either renew the Maintenance on the FM Server license (with Concurrent Connections) for another 12 months, or, you can wait and buy new licenses at some point down the road. Sometimes FileMaker will offer upgrade pricing but it's not something you can count on and it's likely to be more expensive that renewing Maintenance which is usually about 1/3 the original cost.

Keep in mind that on average FileMaker releases a new version every 14-16 months but it's been as little as 12 and as much as 23. They've kept it closer to the 14-16 range the last few releases though. Since FM 14 was just released in May 2015, it's questionable whether the the initial included 12 months will carry you over to the next version. There is no way to really know and even if you made it under the wire to the next version you'd still need to renew in order to get the version after that. Ultimately, getting Maintenance is probably less money than waiting and buying new licenses unless you wait more than three years, plus you always have the latest version which is fine unless you work for someplace that doesn't upgrade their OS or hardware very often. FM Pro tends to maintain good backwards compatibility but FM Server generally requires quite recent Operating Systems.

Finally, consider the Annual Subscription model instead of the "Perpetual" (buy and hold) License model. You pay a fixed amount each year, about 1/3 the cost of the Perpetual License and you always have the latest version. This is what FileMaker, Adobe and others are pushing customers towards. Adobe has really priced it to high in my opinion, but the FileMaker subscription model works out pretty well. You WILL pay more for Concurrent Connections associated with FM Server regardless of what way you choose but those costs are bundled with FM Server, since that's what Concurrent Connections are associated with.

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ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Good evening Will,

Thanks for taking the time for all your help!

I now understand more why the Annual Subscription model is better.

Can you please confirm my understanding that purchased connections are tied to the Filemaker Pro version any therefore, expires with any upgrades?

Will LovingPresident, Dedication Technologies, Inc.Commented:
Concurrent Connections are tied to Filemaker Server and specifically to the FileMaker Server License key. If you purchase FileMaker Server without connections you receive one license key. If you then purchase Concurrent Connections (or additional ones if you already have them) you receive a new license key for FM Server that tells FM Server how many connections you have licensed. Since the FM Server License key is version specific, meaning the license key for FMS 14 will not work with FMS 15, you need to renew or purchase with the number of Concurrent Connections desired.
ReneGeAuthor Commented:
Very clear!

Thank you so much Will for all your help :)

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