Which car battery brand is best? - Where to buy Automotive Battery Online

I want to buy car battery online, but i am not decided which brands batteries is good or long time usable & where to buy. If anyone shop car battery online and having any idea than please suggest me the best place where to buy.
Mayank TanwarWeb AnalystAsked:
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Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
You can search some famous brand of card battery which are compatible with your requirement. now read out other user reviews about them. So compare that which product is based on another user reviews and as well in price also.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I get car batteries from the dealer and they come with a decent warranty. I also get batteries from CAA (AAA) because they come and replace the batteries on site and offer a 3 year warranty.

Batteries wear out (they are just a box of chemistry that gets used up over time). So a good warranty (minimum 3 years) is a good indicator.
Well this is an interesting question because we needed a truck battery and the last time we bought one they were maybe $45. Now, over $100. We saw a review page that said that Sears Diehard, are not so "diehard" after all. They are some of the least desirable. We saw some at Walmart for under $80 but only a 1-2 year warranty. Your best bet of to get a 72 month warranty battery from Advanced Auto Parts or AutoZone. It will run you $100-$125 but worth the extra warranty. They will install it free if you go there. We do have pull-a-part yards and they sell used batteries for $25-$40 with a 90 day warranty. In many cases these batteries are good because they were removed from a freshly wrecked vehicle that just came off the road.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Check your warranty statement carefully. My CAA warranty is 3 year replacement. Check that a 6 year warranty is true replacement or possibly pro-rated and not worth much at 6 years. On average, car batteries (especially where I live) die in about 5 years or a little less.
Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
Optima Red & Yellow Top batteries are consistently known as some of the best performance batteries.  I'd recommend taking a look at their FAQ here, as it has some interesting info on their technology:

If you want to get a higher performance Optima, you'll get the best deals and price on shipping through Amazon Prime: http://goo.gl/MCpfWA

However, most vehicles don't need a high performance battery and an OEM battery will suit your needs just fine.
Herry DasCommented:
Hello mayank thanks for sharing a good question here, Now i tell you best and no. 1 online portal. This seems like a good site, and they offer free delivery and installation.


Hope this helps.
That site in is India.

mayank: Are you in India?

If not think about what the delivery cost might be.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Nickg5 - You will be VASTLY better served to purchase locally from a good retailer who offers a no-hassle complete 3 year or longer warranty. Buying mail order (internet) is not a good choice for a battery.

My batteries (both cars) run from 35 below zero (frigid) to 30 or more above zero (hot) and perform very well. One battery is CAA, one is Volvo and both are excellent.
John yes you are right for me.
But, the author's location is needed.
mayank tanwar profile says Bhajan Pura, New Delhi, India

India's best online multibrand battery store.

I spoke with them & they say Amaron Car Battery or Exide Car Battery are best also free delivery and installation and cheaper if you give your old battery for recycling.

They have free online customer support if you have any questions.

AC Delco brand give the longest warranty ( 60 months )
Usual warranty is 48 months but some sellers offer extended warranty contracts.
Prices differ greatly so choose according to your needs.

All sellers offer free delivery and free installation and a cheaper price if you give your old battery for recycling so you may wish to search for the best price for the brand you decide on.

To compare prices visit the sites listed below:





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Mayank TanwarWeb AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for their useful suggestion,
What is your location and what is your budget on a new battery?
Mayank TanwarWeb AnalystAuthor Commented:
Hey Nickg I'm from Delhi, India and i bought Exide 4 Year warranty Battery for my car.
Here is ClickIndia and you can compare prices.

Mayank TanwarWeb AnalystAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your useful comments.
I am not objecting at all.

Leaving comment for the Op.

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