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We cant get an s3 (galaxy samsung running android) to be recognised by windows 7 laptop. The exact same port and cable works fine with an S4 which is read  by the laptop, and files can be copied off etc. can anyone suggest any tips... windows reports drivers are current. tried to rebooting, taking SIM out etc etc. Some google searches show it is very common but the solutions did not work.
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Could be a failed driver installation.

Control Panel > device manager

Action Menu > Show Hidden Devices

Remove all instances of the s3 in device manager under Portable devices & other devices categories

Reboot & test.

See this article for a detailed explanation.

The S3 and S4 are quite similar (and don't require specific drivers). Therefore I fear the SGS3 is the cause of the problem. Please try to connect it to another laptop or PC.
If it does work properly on another PC, the S3 should be ok. Uuninstall Samsung KIES on the PC and reinstall with the newest version.

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