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We use Cisco AnyConnect for our VPN into our office.  A few users print to LAN printers while connected since we don't allow local printing while connected to the VPN.  They had been printing through a Windows 2003 print server without issue.  But now when the print through the new Windows Server 2012R2 print server print response have slowed greatly. While in any application, lets say MS Word, and they print now it will sit in the application with the print dialog box open for several minutes before eventually responding. It has been known to hang the application too.

I do not believe this is a VPN issue - unless there is some new setting within the ASA that needs to be changed to accommodate the new 2012R2 print server.  It is not the content nor is it their internet connection - both are constants prior to and after the print server migration. To me it sounded like a print server issue but I'm not quite sure where to start looking.  

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Check this document. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/2996807
looks like the problem is the server not the client asa or client vpn
Make sure that SNMP connections are disabled in the print drivers.
You don't mention the make, but I have seen this with several MFDs, the driver tries to check with the printer to confirm what peripherals and paper sizes, etc.  are available before printing. These things don't change often, and on a busy or slow connection, it can delay printing quite a bit.
Office 2010 and later also do so if SNMP is enabled.
You may need to disable it in the printing preferences as well as the ports, depends on manufacturer.


Remote access management is not running on the Windows server. So Remote Access management service (RaMgmtSvc.dll) does not leaks memory. The Windows server is a Print server that is being used via a VPN connection where I run into issues.

I am testing a printer by disabling SNMP on it and then will try printing again.

The version is x64, everything seems to be OK, i download the right hotfix but it does not want to install...

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