Select syntax for Powershell hash table and array

I have an array that also has a hash table in it.  Below is one item from the array -

name           :
settings       : @{attachControlPanel=ON; autoAotf=OFF; blockBulkEmails=OFF; filter=; language=ENGLISH; outboundNote=; outlookFormatting=ON; securityEnforcement=REJECT_QUAR; securityStatus=OFF;
                 securityType=FILTER; spoofingPrevention=OFF; vaporizeSendersOnBL=VAPORIZE; spamShredderScore=100}
services       : {}

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I'm trying to get only the following fields -

securitystatus from settings hash table

I can get the name, full settings, and services by the following code -

$output | select name, settings, services

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And I can get just the securitystatus by this code -

$output | select -expandproperty settings | select securitystatus

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What I don't know how to do is to merge them together.  Thanks,
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Give this a shot.
$output | select name, @{n="securitystatus";e={$_.settings | select -expand securitystatus}}, services

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I'm a little confused by your first output - it doesn't look like how a hashtable would appear.  You might try running the following and posting back
$output | gm

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diperspAuthor Commented:
Well, that did it!

Here's the output you asked for.  This is all new to me, so. . .  Is it not a hash table?

Name           MemberType   Definition
----           ----------   ----------
Equals         Method       bool Equals(System.Object obj)
GetHashCode    Method       int GetHashCode()
GetType        Method       type GetType()
ToString       Method       string ToString()
name           NoteProperty System.String
services       NoteProperty System.Object[] services=System.Object[]
settings       NoteProperty Selected.System.Management.Automation.PSCustomObject settings=@{attachControlPanel=ON; autoAotf=OFF; blockBulkEmails=OFF; filter=; language=ENGLISH; outboundNote=; outl...
No, it's not.  The "settings" property is another object, which itself has properties.
To see it in another light.
$output.settings | gm

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If it actually was a hashtable, the syntax used to get securitystatus above would be different.
diperspAuthor Commented:
Worked perfect first shot.  Thanks for the education as well!
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