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MYSQL query syntax

I'd like to export the combined results of two queries to CSV. The export to csv is not an issue.

I need help writing the query which will give me all the results I need. I'm using MySQLWorkbench.

I have some rows from this query:

SELECT * FROM iq.item where grouping_id='334' && class='D';

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Then under each result, I would like to list the results from another query:

SELECT * FROM iq.comment where item_id = 2294;

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where 'item_id' is the 'id' from the first query. there are multiple rows for each row in the first query.

I'm guessing these have to be joined?

Both tables have a date_created column, which I don't want to duplicate, as well as a content column, which is named differently. One is called 'description' and the second is called 'content'. I would like these two to become one column.

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything else.
Thanks in advance,
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FROM iq.item i LEFT JOIN
  iq.comment c ON = c.item_id

where i.grouping_id='334' && i.class='D';

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if you want all columns from item and specific columns from comments

SELECT i.*, c.item_id, c.columnb, c.columnc, c.col......(insert comuns here)
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can I select only certain columns from the item table as well?
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also if any column has a space you must enclose it in brackets

SELECT i.[my weird fieldname]
luvly, thank you!