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Active Directory - Adding DC to new Site

I currently have two domain controllers (Server 2012 R2) both at Headquarters.  DC1 has all 5 FSMO roles on it.  DC2 currently has no roles.  

I am about to purchase rack space at a colocation facility.  I plan on leaving to 2 DCs at HQ and install a 3rd DC at the Colo.  

I will have my Exchange server, SQL Server, and Terminal Servers at the Colo.  

In addition to keeping the DCs at HQ, I will also keep a local file server there as well.  

I know I need to configure AD Sites and Services to add the new site.  My question is should I be moving some of the roles to the DC at the Colo?

During normal operations, with no outages, I will have all of the employees logging in at HQ to the DCs there.  Also, employees working remotely will be logging into the Terminal Servers at the colo, and I would like them to be using the DC at the Colo.

Then, should HQ have an outage, many users will be going home to work remotely via the colo......

Can you please tell me the proper way to configure the domain controllers to accomplish this.
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site 2 site vpn for replication traffic, colo should also be a GC
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I have a 1 GIG P2P link connecting the 2 sites.  

Ok, so make the new (3rd) DC a GC.......  And what about the FSMO roles?
keep them on your main site
You need 2 sites in AD, and also use 2 different subnets - these also need creating and mapping in AD Sites and Services - this is what client PCs use to determine which is their closest DC for login purposes, but will also traverse the P2P link if the servers at either end of your link and unavailable.
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