No remote Desktop Licence Server availible on RD Session Host server 2012

RDS Server 2012. I am getting no license server available.

The only work around is regedit/delete the grace period key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM\GracePeriod

License server is activated. It has issued 4 our of 20 licenses.
License diagnoser states, it cannot connect to the license. server, but the RDS server is the license server.

Also GPEDIt lists, it as a license server and it has been added to AD.

A lot of posts state a Microsoft bug, which brings me to the Experts.

Any insight is appreciated.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Have you installed the RDCB role anywhere, configured licensing, and defined a collection? 2012 is vastly different than earlier versions.
ParisBPAuthor Commented:
RD Gateway
Rd Licensing
RD Connection Broker
RD Session Host defined.

No Collection
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Make sure you've configured the licensing server name and mode via server manager. Define a collection. Then retest. And ideally you should have a RDWA server as well and test connecting through that. The RDCB now acts as the redirector which is also a change in 2012, so RDWA is the most reliable way to get all of the appropriate settings  to RDC. Manually opening RDC and connecting is very error prone.
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ParisBPAuthor Commented:
All configured.
Per users licenses have been issued.
Per Device Temp licenses have been issued.

License Manager activated.
but still getting No License Server ....
ParisBPAuthor Commented:
I just notice cert was expired on RD Gateway.

I created a self signed cert.. but cannot apply until users are off. as its in production.

i will test later tonight..

Would this be the issue?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Only for users going through the RDGateway. I should/would not impact on-premises users. And more importantly would not present the error with the license diagnoser. That's the big sign that you have something else going on.
ParisBPAuthor Commented:
The License Diagnoser  says it cannot contact the license server. which is itself.

at one point it did.. and stated no licensing issues.

this post is the work around and the same as many that state a microsoft glitch.

My users are not going thru the RDGateway. so that is really shouldn't affect the premise license
Cliff GaliherCommented:
There was (since fixed) a glitch (minor) that only occurred in the following circumstances:

1) RDS was installed.
2) Licensing was not installed or configured.
3) The grace period was allowed to lapse.
4) The OS write the regkey referenced *because* the grace period lapsed.
5) The admin then configured licensing.

Step 5 would configure licensing, but would *not* delete the key. And since the key existed, Windows saw it and reported that it was out of compliance.

Note the order and *why* the key gets created. If you are properly licensed and delete the key, it will *not* get recreated. That only occurs if licensing was not configured at the time the grace period ended. The key re-appearing is a clear indication that you've got something else going on. Equally importantly, the licensing diagnoser would not be failing.  So don't read more into that "glitch" than is written. It doesn't apply in your case, nor is it this huge bug that is impacting every RDS install out there. You really have to go out of your way to hit it, and it has since been patched anyways, so you'd have to have set up the server, not patched, waited the full grace period before setting up licensing, *and* not deleted the key for this to ever impact you.
ParisBPAuthor Commented:
All makes sense. so I will start at the top.

License Diagnoser cannot see the Licensing server
(it is itself)
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Delete the key if it exists (just to be sure we aren't muddying the waters further.)
Then retest (I assume it'll fail, or the key would not be getting recreated.)
Then do as I said above and check your deployment setting via Server Manager. Make sure you've set the server name there. Make sure you've set a licensing type (user or device.)  Make sure you've defined a collection.  And make sure you don't have any group policies (local or in AD) that are overriding any of those settings.  Setting a group policy that has server A as the licensing server when you actually want it to use Server B (not uncommon in mixed OS environments where Server 2003/2008 has previously been used for TS/RDS) then you'll obviously have issues, and group policy will override any RDCB settings causing RDSH to look at the wrong server.

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ParisBPAuthor Commented:

I went thru our posts several times., to get to the bottom of this.
and All the info posted, narrowed it down for me.

@ the end of the day, disabling windows firewall on the 2012 server,
fixed the issue..

I generally disable windows12 firewall, but didn't in this case.
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