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Environment: small shop with SBS 2011 running Exchange 2010 and a SQL application, 5 client workstations all running W7 Pro x64.

A few days ago, one of the workstations lost its ability to search file contents on its mapped shared drive. All of the research I've done regarding this has indicated that indexing file contents on mapped drives is not possible with W7 x64. However, this did work on this workstation previously, and is currently working on at least one other workstation in the environment. All search and indexing settings on the workstations are identical as best as I can tell. I have rebuilt the workstation's index numerous times, attempted workarounds found online such as adding the share to a library, etc. Offline files is not an option. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.
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You should not index a server folder as the results will be unreliable.

You can open Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder you are interested in and then see the search bar top right. enter the search term and search. You will find what you want but it will take a little longer than a local drive.
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Windows seven will use windows search 4 which is capable of using a remote index. You should re-index the sahre right at the server.
Must have been a fluke. I unchecked "Don't use index when searching in file folders for system files" (not sure why it was checked in the first place) and that fixed the issue immediately.


This worked

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